Shall we be kind to one another?

Do you know that a small gesture of kindness can help us getting through a rough day?

I do feel that being kind is a natural reaction. We don’t need to be like “Oh, I have to be kind to this guy” or “Damn, there’s people around, I need to be kind to others.”, but instead it should happen because we know it’s the right thing to do, because you know that it might lighten up someone’s day, or just because we feel like it.

My friend told me this story about her recent business trip in an island. She has to rent a bicycle to get around the place, so she got one from this particular man. Long story short, she lost the bike. Apparently someone took it because she forgot to lock the bike chain. And as she went back to the rental station, she was worried that the man would be angry or made a really big deal out of it. It was such a bad day for her, with most of her plans were ruined that day–a lost bike was just the perfect cherry on top. Eventually she made it to the rental station by foot and found the man. She told him about the bike and apologized telling that it was her fault and she will pay him as the compensation.

But you know what? He said it was okay. I kinda forgot on what exactly that he said to her, but it was something like this.. “It’s okay miss. It’s not like you lose it on purpose and you already admitted that it’s your fault. I appreciate that. And you don’t have to pay me anything, I will find the bike. God will help too. And I know you’ve learned your lesson through this,” he said it with a smile in his face rather than a grouchy tone or angry attitude. “Don’t blame yourself. Focus on your work.” In the end, he even gave my friend another bike for her to use, so she didn’t need to go back to the hotel by foot. When my friend refused the offer because she felt really bad already, he said this, “No. It’s not right if I let you walk back by foot. You’re my client, so you can use my other bike. I want you to use it.” again with a pure sincere voice.

I mean, let’s face it. The world that we live in is quite messed up with all the dramas, politics, crimes, racism, and many other bad things. Eventually you will expect that most of the people who live within will portray that bad attitudes.

But hey.. I guess we are not that messed up. There are still kind people around us that we might find in the most unexpected places and moments. Just as the bike rental guy who I found out later on as Pak Mamik. ‘Cause what he did to my friend that day put a smile to her. After a rough day, and you found out that these people do exist, you can’t help but smile.

And I guess we can start with little things. As little as saying thank you–a sincere one–to those people who help us, to those waiters that serves us in a restaurant, to those garbage men who pick up our garbage every morning. Sometimes a simple thank you can lift up their world. Or as simple as holding the elevator doors open for someone who wants to get in or out. Anything.

‘Cause I believe that this kindness thing is a ripple effect. When you do kind stuff to other people, they eventually will do the same thing to others, and so on. Why? I think because they realize that what we did for them earlier actually made their day a lil bit better and they just want to pay the kindness back. Well I don’t know if it’s actually true or not, but I rather take my chances to believe in it.

Yet, it made my day too when I do kind stuff to others. I guess the ripple effect comes back to me? :D

So, shall we try to be kind to one another? :)




*Pak Mamik is a bike rental guy in Gili Trawangan Island, Lombok. Pay him a visit if you need a bike. He’s stationed near the pier (go to the left from the pier), in front of Trawangan Cottages. Ask for him. :) 

A satisfied visit to Marco Padang Grill

Do you drive daily through Slipi area in Jakarta? If so, you must have seen the giant billboard just before the bridge in the intersection of Pejompongan and Palmerah. It’s an ads of a Padang restaurant called Marco Padang Grill.

Processed with VSCOcam with b6 preset

Since I’ve seen a lot of pics and tweets about it in social media, I decided to pay this place a visit yesterday. So I went to Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall where Marco Padang Grill takes place. I was a bit skeptical at first since it’s located in a mall. If you have tried any kind of Padang restaurant in a mall before, you’d know that the price is not really cheap. I was prepared to see the expensive price. But hey, it’s not really bad. I mean for a restaurant mall, the price was okay. Not cheap but not that expensive as well. Acceptable.

I was alone, waiting for a friend to come by a few hours later so I didn’t order much. I was curious about their speciality since I was told that they use old recipes of Padang food. So I ordered one of them, which is The Barramundi Panggang Pacak. I also ordered Dendeng Kering Lado Merah (Crispy Beef Jerky with red pepper sambal), Telok Barendo (Padang style of fried egg), and Nasi Sayo (a new menu consist of rice, red and green sambals, vegies, Rendang sauce, and crackers).

First come the Nasi Sayo. Other than all the side part I mentioned earlier, they also pour the yellow curry soup on the rice which made it more tasty. I love the rendang sauce! I don’t really like rendang, but I must say the sauce was amazing. The red and green sambals were also good.

Next, came the Dendeng. It’s super crispy just how I like it! For me personally, if you serve Dendeng, it has to be crispy. Other wise it will be hard to chew. Super important. And it was great combined with the red pepper sambal. Not disappointed at all.

The Telok Barendo was so so. I mean, it’s like a usual fried egg. Tasty, yes. But not really special.

Nasi Sayo

Nasi Sayo

Dendeng Kering Lado Merah

Dendeng Kering Lado Merah

Telok Barendo

Telok Barendo

And not long after I tasted all of the three above, the special food finally came. The Barramundi Panggang Pacak. It smelled really good! Garnished with a half lime for you to pour it on the fish (if you want to). As a lime addict, I totally poured it on my fish. I recommend you to do the same, it will make the fish tastes even more better.

I took a bite.

“OH GOD, THIS IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!” I literally said that to myself. Loudly. I noticed some people who sit next to me gave me a weird look. Hahahaha.. Pardon me. XD But it’s true! It’s really good! There’s no smell of fish at all, which confirmed that it’s fresh. It’s not over seasoned. Just the perfect amount was used. It’s a burst of flavor together with the red and green sambal, and also with a slight touch of the rendang sauce. Gosh, heaven…… :)

Barramundi Panggang Pacak

Barramundi Panggang Pacak

Yet, other than this Barramundi, they still have other type of fish which is one of the reason why I will go back to Marco Padang Grill. I want to taste the rest of the menu. There this one dish that I’m really intrigued about, Belut Goreng Lado Merah (Fried Eel). I love Eel but I had too much yesterday so I didn’t order it. Will definitely order it next time.

And guys, that Barramundi was the reason why everything was so worth it. The price and the time you’ll take to go to the mall and find a parking spot in that mall (a bit confusing haha). All of them are worth it. :D

Go try!


Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ciputra World | 3rd Floor, Unit 16 & A08, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5, Karet Kuningan – Jakarta – 12940 | Phone: +6221 29889377 |
Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

It's Chef Marco himself! Using a traditional "kipas sate" on the grilled fish.

It’s Chef Marco himself! Using a traditional “kipas sate” on the grilled fish.



Not over doing it?

When it comes to finding your happiness, each people has their own way to do it. You just can’t judge what other people do to find happiness based on what you do.

Let’s face it. Each people are unique.

But for me, there is one rule that I personally think it’s applied to everyone. No matter who you are. It is ‘Not over doing it’.

Let’s say that some people might find that drinking beer or any alcohol-infuse-drink is enjoyable and it kinda makes them happy in some way. But when you’re over doing it, it becomes a bad habit. You’re becoming an alcoholic.

Or another example, when you like to be alone or having a me-time, which actually makes you calm and happy. You’re not that party-easy-going kind of people. But when you’re over doing it, you might get numb to everything or everyone around you. You’re becoming this senseless cold person.

Even as simple as loving yourself or loving someone else. When you’re over doing it, you might hurt someone else or make people move away from your circle of life.

And many other things.

I mean, at some point, you have to know your own limit. You gotta see the line and try not to cross it.

But yea, that’s just me.

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Rest In Laughter, Robin.

I woke up to a sad news this morning. I was just still in my bed, checking out my path and twitter, only to see that my timelines were flooded with pictures of Robin Williams.

There’s only one thing came up to my mind when I saw the pictures. He has passed away.

It broke my heart.

I don’t really know him personally, but somehow I felt really sad. Maybe because I grew up watching him as this funny guy with an incredible talent as an actor. There’s something about him that I really like but I just couldn’t describe it.

I don’t want to talk about how he died. I just want to remember how he lived. How he inspired us all. How he put a lot of laughter inside our life. How he said some of the most important statement in the universe. How he became our Robin Williams.

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I still remember how he played my favorite character when I was a child. The one and only, Mrs. Doubtfire. I still remember how I loved that movie so much. And I remember how he played as Genie in Aladdin. And his other movies like Jumanji, Flubber, Patch Adams, Jack, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet’s Society, and the newest one, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.

This was when he won his first Oscars for his role in Good Will Hunting.

Have you watched The Crazy Ones? It’s a TV serial that he played as one of the main character. It’s a comedy, which suited him best. I like him in that serial. His jokes and his acting was just so natural. It was him, the funny Robin Williams that we all knew.

And I just want to say thank YOU. You have made my childhood a lot better with your movies. You have made me laughed so many times. You were like our hero when it comes to comedy.

Thank you for sharing your life with us. You will be missed badly.

I know you might not want to see us sad or anything, since you’re happy right now. But I just can’t stop my tears from falling. Funny, I’ve never cried before when someone I didn’t know personally passed away. I guess, you’re just not someone else.

I am crying right now.

Rest in laughter, Robin.

*taken from Esquire Magz

*taken from Esquire Magz



The Talking Coffee

Sip your coffee and have some faith. Amy repeated the words in her mind.

It was written in the chalkboard next to the welcome sign inside this small coffee shop, The Talking Coffee—or TC for short—, where she’s been spending most of her time, these past few weeks.

The owner—a friendly and old English man, Charlie Rodrick—always wrote something random, mostly a quote, every single day before opening the store. Maybe it has something to do with the name of this coffee shop, Amy guessed.

Amy found this place not too long ago. It wasn’t opened at that time. It was still in the final preparation when she first saw it. There’s something about this place that got her attention.

She tried to remember the day she walked to TC for the first time. She was looking at the sign when the owner came out and greeted her. “Hi! Good evening.. I’m Charlie. I’m the owner. You live around here?” he asked her with a clear British accent. Amy was surprised a little bit but managed to reply him immediately. “Oh, hi.. Yeah. I live in the apartment down the street,” she pointed her finger to the tall brown building just a few hundred meters from the cafe. “Did you just move here? I never saw you around here. Definitely never saw the place either.” she looked again at the unfinished place.. Charlie responded back with a big smile in his face. “Yes! Me and my wife moved here last week, we live upstairs and about to open this small beautiful gem tomorrow.”

They talked for a while and when Amy was about to leave, Charlie promised her a free coffee if she came to the store tomorrow when it’s open.

The next morning, Amy came. And as promised, Charlie gave her a free coffee. It was a very good one that Amy decided to visit again next morning, the morning after, and almost every day in the past few weeks.

“AMY, ARE YOU THERE?” Charlie asked with a loud voice.

“Huh? What? Sorry?” she jolted back from the trip to memory lane.

Charlie laughed a bit. “I was asking if you want this freshly baked—jolly good—muffin?” he rose from the counter with a tray full of blueberry muffin.

The muffins looked so good. Blueberry. Amy loved blueberry way too much to say no to those warm muffins. “Ah.. you always know how to treat a lady, Charlie.” she winked at him and got up from the chair. She took one and left a few coins in the cashier table.

She went back to her table, just next to the store window, and took a small bite of the muffin.

“Yuuummm… Oh gosh this is sooo good. Nothing beats a warm blueberry muffin on a rainy day,” she said to herself. “And the coffee is just perfect to go along with it.” which after she took a sip and felt the warmness flowing inside her.

She opened the notebook that she brought with her and flipped through some pages.

After a while, she took a glance to the chalkboard.

So now I need to have some faith? Easy to say.. well, write. But not a very easy thing to do, huh.

She took another sip.

“Hey Charlie, can I ask you something?” she called out to the shop owner.

“Well sure! You want another muffin?”

“No, thank you, Charlie..” she smiled. “I want to ask something about what you wrote today on the board over there.” she pointed out the one next to the sign. Apparently, there were a few chalkboards inside the shop. Each is with different writings on it. But only this one attracts Amy’s attention.

“How long do you think we need to keep our faith on something?” Amy asked him without turning her face toward Charlie, instead she just looked straight at that board. Still wondering.

Charlie was quiet for a while. He glanced over Amy and then he stared to the road outside his shop. The rain was starting to stop.

“You know,” he answered. “I never know how long I can love my wife or how long I need to do that. I just know that it’s the right thing to do. It’s what my heart wanted to do from long ago and still does.”

“What does yours want, Amy?” he asked back.

Amy was in silence. What does my heart want?


She looked to the window. Observing the people outside. She saw a couple was about to enter the coffee shop.

Cute couple… They look really happy. She’s watching them as they came in and ordered some coffee. The guy was about to take his wallet when his glasses fell to the floor. The girl picked it up. “Seriously though, did you drop this glasses on purpose last night? Two times already I’ve given it back to you in less than a day.” She punched his arm lightly as she gave the glasses back.

The guy smiled to her as he took the coffee and gave one to her in exchange for the glasses. “I don’t know. Maybe,” he smiled again. “I’ve been waiting my whole life to find someone who will pick up my glasses when I drop it.”

“Oh really??!” she raised her eyebrows with a smirk in her face.

Few meters from them, Amy was trying so hard not to laugh, and managed to just giggle a little bit. She knew the guy was just joking, but still she found it quite sweet.

He then took his cup and they walked back to the door.

The girl asked again. “Your whole life? That long?”

His face moved toward her and whispered into her ears. “You gotta have some faith, right?.”

Then they went outside.

Even though it was a whisper, it was quite loud for Amy to hear it.

She took another bite of her muffin. “Chawr-lie,” she called out to the shop owner with a full mouth. “I think my heart wants to keep holding on that faith. It told me that it’s the right thing to do.”

“I don’t know for how long, maybe it’ll take forever, but I guess if you ever lose faith on something, it would not be the thing that you wanted the most, or believe in for that matter.” Amy looked at Charlie. “That’s what you’re trying to tell me, right?”

Charlie came to her. He sat in the chair in front of Amy. “Amy, my dear… Life is not the happiest thing on earth. It has flaws. And, most of all, it has a big nasty taste of jokes. Which you can put on a sour face and see the jokes as an insult…” he paused, Charlie looked deep into Amy’s brown eyes and continued. “Or you can try to get the jokes and laugh at it—a big one of course. And feel that bit of relaxation after.” “One can do you bad for a long time, and other one will give you just the right amount of mind power to keep walking.”

Amy took a sip of her coffee. “I think I’m going to keep my faith a bit longer and laugh while I’m at it.” she said to Charlie as he stood and walked back to the counter.

“A very wise choice.” Charlie replied back. “Here, take another muffin. It’s on me.” he put the muffin on her empty plate.

She said thanks to him. And with a big grin in her face, Amy took a bite.

She opened her notebook. She took her pen and quoted the words in the chalkboard into the notebook.

Sip your coffee and have some faith, by Mr. Charlie Rodrick.

Not long after that, Amy’s phone was buzzing. Unknown number.

Who could it be? Amy picked up the phone and slid the screen. “Hello?”

A man answered back from the other side. “Hi, yes. Is this Amy Anderson?”

“Yes. This is she.”

“Hi, my name’s Thomas Wellbeck. I’m with Bright Red Publishing Company. I believe you sent us a draft. A novel draft, few months ago?”

“Uhmm… Yes I did,” Amy was still picking at her brain. “Sorry, but did you say Bright Red Publishing?” Amy wanted to double check, in case something’s wrong with her ears. Bright Red Publishing was actually the most famous publishing company in the country per this decade.

“Yes I did. This is Bright Red.” he said it again.

No way! No way! Don’t tell me… 

Thomas continued. “So… I’m calling you because we want to ask you to come to a meeting with us about your novel’s draft. We are sorry that it took almost six months to read it. You have to understand that a lot of people submitted their drafts to us, that we need months to read them one by one. And yes we read your draft incase you’re wondering.” “We love it and we’re thinking to publish it.”

Amy was speechless. Her mouth was half opened. In fact, she almost jumped from her chair when Thomas said that they wanted to publish her novel.

“Do you have time tomorrow? Let’s say around 10 AM?” he asked.

“S… Sure! 10 AM would be perfect. I’ll be there. Definitely!” Amy answered him with much excitement.

“Perfect. I will see you tomorrow then! Nice to talk with you, Amy.”

“Yes sir. Thank you so much! Nice to talk to you too.”

And he hung up. Amy was still holding her phone for a few seconds before she realized that the conversation was over.

She put the phone back to the table. “I can’t believe it. I finally gonna have my first book published.” Amy said to herself, still in awe.

She looked again to the chalk-board next to the welcome sign.

“Having faith paid off.” she said with a smile.

And suddenly for no reasons, she laughed so hard she couldn’t stop.




4 Aug 14


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Something’s fishy..

I was just wondering.. how do you forget those lies?

Like, when someone lied to you, you eventually will forgive them through times. But then, do you really forget that they, once or maybe more, capable to lie to you? Those moments when you felt that you are not worthy enough for the truth. Especially when you’ve already known the truth for some time.

It comes back. The uneasiness comes back. Every single time they tell you something. You just feel that something is fishy.

That doesn’t feel good at all.

Just don’t lie. Aight? :)



Hey you.. Find me.

And when I saw Sarah standing there, I was afraid.

I thought to myself.. “Am I strong enough to move my feet away from her?”

I stood alone in the midst of questions and doubts.

More than 5 minutes had gone.. Was it 5 minutes? It felt like days. Years.

“To go or not to go, that is the question.”, The modern Shakespeare said to himself. Juggling his balls in his own dilemma. My perfectly shaped dilemma.

and then..

I heard something. I heard.. “Hey you.”

I looked up. Sarah was still talking with her friends.

Confused, I looked back.

Still nothing… hmmm…

Wait. I didn’t feel anything in my face. “Where’s my glasses?”, I said.

Frantic, I looked wildly across the whole floor. Well, no. Just 5 inches forward, backward, left, and right. I couldn’t see anything without it.

Nothing. Great. I lost my glasses.

But.. How could I see her without my glasses before? That’s weird.

Whatever. I needed to figure out how I can go home or.. should I go to her instead? I can see her anyway without my glasses.

“Hey you.”

There. Someone’s calling me again. You’re wondering how did I know it was for me? Well, nobody else was there. It was just me.

And I was beginning to look like an idiot moving my head to every direction, trying to search for the person.

As I was about to give up the search and started to walk to Sarah, the person called again. This time louder than before. “HEY YOU!”

I stopped.

“Stop looking. Just stop.”

“Why? Where are you? Who are you?”

“I can’t tell you. You’ll need to figure that out by yourself.”, a gentle voice telling me. The same voice who has been calling me and told me to stop looking. I can tell that this person is a girl. I felt like I’ve heard her voice before, but I just couldn’t guess who she was.

“Find me.”, she said.

..and then I woke up.

A dream.  “Ha.. ha..”, I laughed stupidly.

I walked out from my room, and then the doorbell was rang.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to come over, so I was a bit confuse.

I looked at my watch. It’s 10 AM in the morning. “Damn. Did I sleep that long??”

The bell rang again.

“Hold on! I’m coming..” while I walked to the door, I saw this piece of paper in the floor not far from the door.

I thought I would pick it up later, ’cause the bell was just rang again.

I opened the door.

“Hey you..”

Stunned. I stood in this awkward silence for a few seconds. It was my apartment’s neighbor. I didn’t know her name but she lives pretty close to mine.

“H.. hey.” I said, still not sure what to reply. Stupid, right? I know.

“You okay? You seem a bit surprised.”, she looked concern and.. beautiful. I never really looked at her before.

“I’m okay. Haha.. Sorry about that. So, what’s up?”

She was about to ask again if I was really okay, but she hesitated.

“Oh, nothing. I just want to give you this. This is yours, right? I found it last night in front of your door.”

It’s my glasses.

“I knocked but no one answer. I guessed you’re already sleeping by then, so I took it home. I was afraid someone might steal it.” she continued. “Well, not because I want to steal it! Of course not! You know, I thought I can come to your place and give it back to you today.” “Sorry.. here.”

I smiled.

I took the glasses from her hand.

“Oh! I slipped a memo through your door last night. Just ignore it. You have the glasses now anyway.”, she laughed while explaining.

“Oh.. that was you. Yeah I haven’t read it.. Because someone was ringing my bell again and again.” I looked at her pretending that I was mad.

She laughed again. A pretty one.

“Hey, thanks so much though, for taking care of my glasses and bring this back to me. I really appreciate it.” I said while walking back to the apartment a little bit and took the memo.

It was well written. I meant she has a good hand-writing.

It said.. - Hey. You lost your glasses, didn’t you? I found it. I’m Lisa. I live just two doors next to yours. Number 19th. Find me. -

I smiled again.

“Err.. Did I write something funny?”

“Haha.. no. I just remembered something.” I said while still smiling and reading the last two words, again and again.

After gathering my thoughts, I turned back to her.

“So.. Lisa right? I’m Peter.”, we shook hands. “Hmmm.. Can I buy you a coffee for bringing this back to me?” pointing at my glasses.

She paused for a moment. Then..

“Sure.”, she smiled.