Little Funny (Good) Distractions..

Little distraction. Everybody needs a little distraction from time to time. I mean, life can be pretty harsh at times. There will be times when you just feel like it’s-enough-give-me-a-break kind of feeling. When it comes to that, a distraction is probably something that you need.

People have their own way to distract themselves just for a moment, trying to get that little piece of happiness back. It can be music, it can be movies, it can be your friends or your loved ones, it can be a book, etc. You name it. Every person has their own preference for that kind of thing.

For me personally, I usually use those mentioned above… but there are times that I just need a quick one that can make me laugh my ass off. Then in that case, I always go to my youtube account. Yeap, my little distractions are videos in Youtube. Hahaha. What videos? I’m not talking about those (so called funny) videos like a cat dancing to a song or videos about people do a prank to other people. Nope. I don’t really see that as a funny one. Sometimes they can get overboard or, well, just not funny.

The one I go to is the international talk show videos with hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden, and Graham Norton. Since I live in Indonesia, we don’t get to see their show on our local nor cable TV. So the only way to watch the show is through Youtube within their own channel. Something about the way they host the show is really interesting for me. I mean, it’s totally different than our local talk-show (we have some good ones too, but it’s just different). Boy, these people are hilarious! They’re good. They know what they’re doing and they love to do it, which makes you feel like you’re not watching a talk show but just watching two or three people in a daily conversation.

I want to share with you some of my favorite videos that really-really made me laughed my ass off, and even some of them still makes me laugh every single time I watch it.

Sometimes, it’s the story from the guest that really cracks you up!

But you know, as it’s in Youtube, they only post the highlighted part and not the whole show or the whole interview. But, you know, you can always search for the full show and you might get it. You can find anything in internet these days.. XD

I was only into those American talk show a while ago, and then I stumbled into Graham Norton Show, hosted by Graham Norton himself. This dude is crazily funny! They way he interacts with his audience is quite different than other talk shows, and so does the way he talked with the guests. It’s more relaxing and “free”. This is a British talk show, so you might stumbled into guests that you’ve never seen before, which is fun! It’s like you’re discovering new people with great talent. :D

As for Graham Norton Show, I tend to search for the full show since his show is quite long and you just don’t want to miss any part of the interview.

So, that’s it! Those above are some of my favorites. Please do check them out! But hey, again, it’s a personal reference so you might like it or you might find it not funny. Though, I hope those videos can lighten up your day a bit.




PS: all the videos are sourced from Youtube and all the credits belong to those channel and people who posted it.

CODE BLACK – CBS’s New Medical Drama

One of my greatest pleasures in life is laying on my bed, watching a really good TV series. Even nowadays, rather than spending money on weekends and hanging out with my friends, I prefer the warm comforting feeling of my bed and blanket while watching TV. Maybe I’m old already. :P

So how do you define a good TV show? I’m going to be super subjective in here. For me personally, it needs to be entertaining. Boring and stagnant story line is a no go. It also needs to be simple, and not too complicated–I have too many dramas in my life already, I don’t need more from TV. Last but not least, the casts and the characters have to be spot-on.

If you agree with me and you like those hospital theme TV series such as House, E.R., or Grey’s Anatomy, then I would recommend this new one that just started last September, CODE BLACK.

At first, I didn’t put too much expectations on this one since I haven’t found any good hospital theme TV show after House. I’ve been longing for a good one ever since House finished. Finally CBS came up with an answer. Code Black is more like E.R. mixes with Grey’s, but with the intensity of House. Okay, maybe I over-saying it, but that is how I felt when I watched the pilot episode. But what I like the most is that this one has less drama between the main casts. Even when they do have one in the episode, the focus was always about the patients’ stories and how they’re trying to save them.

Code Black itself in hospital world is described as the most busiest time in ER area with not enough doctor and nurses to help, even not enough bed to cover them all. This TV show takes place in Angels Memorial–a hospital in Los Angeles, US. The story evolves around four resident doctors who just started their time in Angels Memorial and their attending doctors along with one senior nurse. Basically it shows how the four residents counter everyday problems with the patients and sometimes they also need to face a death-or-life decisions with unusual methods, plus facing their own personal problems. And yet, all the senior attending doctors also came from different backgrounds and have their own stories as well which will intertwine with the residents’. But, like I said earlier, the story’s mostly not about their own dramas, in the end it’s more about the patients.

Screen shot 2015-12-31 at 12.02.24 PM

I found that the show gave you real feelings into it. Every conversation, every moments, and every endings were just real to me. It’s that good! The interaction between the casts was also good and entertaining, not a dull one. Especially in the situation of Angels Memorial ER Department with their rules and people, using the word Mamma and Daddy to address the senior doctor and nurse. Probably because of the great cast they have, such as Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzman, Kevin Dunn, and many others. Also I must say that I’m quite impressed by Raza Jeffrey, Bonnie Sommervile, and Harry Ford. But hey… great cast is nothing without great writers, right? :)

Screen shot 2015-12-31 at 11.35.32 AM

Oh, I also like the transition between scenes. The cinematography that they did is really good and a little bit dramatic. Just right there in my liking.

Only one warning from me. If you can’t handle gruesome things or scenes, better to prepare yourself before you watch it. It’s a hospital world, so yeah there will be lots of blood and life-or-death actions.

Currently my favorite! XD




One fine day at Cinta Cafe, Canggu – Bali

I remember I was laying down at my hotel room when I saw someone just loved one of my post in Instagram–it was a pic of a place in Bali that I just visited earlier that morning. The account name caught my attention and after I did a deliberate stalking in their feed (YES, I’m a good stalker XD ), I’m hooked!

Turned out, it’s a cafe in Canggu, Bali. Well? Perfect timing.

The next day, I drove to Canggu and after following the route using Google Map, there I was at… Cinta Cafe!


Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Cinta Cafe!

Ok, so in English, cinta means love. Sounds cheesy? Hmmm.. maybe. But hey, in the world we live in now, I think a little bit of love is actually something that we need. With all the problems we had, a place like this can bright up your day. :)

The first thing you’ll see when you arrive is that they have this small little playground for the kids to play in, but well maybe some adults like us can use it too from time to time, right? XD

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Little Playground with a mural.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Mural on the playground wall

Now, for you all parents that have kids, this is surely a perfect place to bring them in. You can still have a really good food while your children can play around in the playground. Everybody’s happy!

The place itself is quite new. I talked with the waiters–which were really friendly and attentive–and they said that Cinta Cafe was just established around 4 months ago. The owners are two people from Russia that love Bali so much they decided to open this cafe. I personally like the way they name the cafe with local language instead of using English or Russian. It kind of gives the place a homey feeling towards it.

I came around after lunch time. I think around 1.30 PM or something. So, the busy hours were done and we got to have one of the best seat in the house. We get the rice paddy field view. Yes! They have a rice-paddy field on the back of the property and they let the back area open with no wall, so you get the whole view.

The food? The food was great! I ordered a Rosemary Burger and my girlfriend ordered a Spaghetti “Al Pomodoro”, and “Lord of the rings”–deep fried calamari rings–for starters. I must say I was satisfied with the food. Especially the burger that I ordered, the meat was juicy and it’s full of flavors. Love it. Same thing goes for the pasta and the calamari rings. The sauce was spot on and strangely enough, the calamari rings came with a homemade green garlic mayo, which is unusual but still tasted yummy.

They have quite a big range of menu selection and the prices are not that expensive. For a cafe in Bali, I still consider this place is affordable. Especially when you get the view like I had and the windy atmosphere, I got no complaints.

Cinta Cafe is located in a so not crowded area of Canggu, so it’s quite a nice place to hang out with your friends or family without too many hustle and noise from outside.

This place has became one of my favorite in Bali and I definitely will go back for sure!

Good luck for the future, Cinta Cafe! :)

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

We love the place!! XD

Cinta Cafe

Jl. Raya Pantai Berawa No. 69, Canggu, Bali. Phone: +62 361 3705232

Open from 8 am – 10 pm, Mon – Sun



(No Longer) Hidden

I remember one day I was scrolling down my Instagram just to see what’s happening out there, but then, I stumbled into one travel guide account displaying one of the secret beach in Bali that I really love–because it’s hidden and not many people know, even locals.

Photo Dec 03, 21 35 36

*taken from Instagram

I don’t mind when they post something through their Social Media account about a place or a destination, but the irony was they use the word ‘secret’ as they explain about the place, and in the same time also put up how to get there and where it’s located. I was in silent for a few minutes, trying to absorb what just happened. I was kind of annoyed, maybe? But then, I realized that we’re no longer live in the same world we used to be in five or eight or ten years ago. People nowadays are using so many platform to share what they like when they’re traveling. Technology has been developed into a stage that we’re only ever dreamed of back then.

As for my traveling life, I can’t lie and say it got nothing to do with it. It does help me when I’m preparing my travel itinerary. I can check my Instagram feed, using a lot of hashtag just to find the exact destination. I can check my timeline in Path, Facebook, or Twitter to see whether someone posted some cool places or something about the city that I’m planning to go to. It’s so easy that I usually get too much information and options than I need. I believe technology plays a big part in our life. Well, at least it does in mine.

Most of the time, we will go to these places and we end up loving it so much, that we decided not to share too much details about the places. You know, we usually just post a sneak peek about the place with no details at all. I don’t really put the address or the exact location of those places. It’s not that I don’t want people to know about the place, but for me personally, I want people to try finding it by their own. That way, they can feel the satisfaction that I felt when I first found these places. It’s more fun that way, no? (And if they can’t find it, then we can have the places hidden for a while. Which is good for me. :p)

Photo Dec 03, 21 31 49

*taken from my personal SocMed

Photo Dec 03, 21 32 25

*taken from my personal SocMed

But, then, since it’s 2015 where information got spread so fast in a blink of an eye, somehow other people that went to the same exact place share it in their Social Media with lots of details, which makes it so much easier for people to reach the place. The places that we want to keep it hidden a bit longer are no longer hidden and the wondering journey to find the places was no longer there. Oh no, I don’t blame those posts or those people who posted them. It’s just funny somehow for me, because I do post about places I go. A lot. I often post a blog post about those places–though, I always do my best not to put too much details on how to get there, and more focus about the place itself. So, in one way or another, I can’t really blame them. I guess they’re too excited and ended up posting a little too much information and somehow take the fun out of it.

But, since technology has been playing a big role in this world we live in, we can somehow explore more to find another new “hidden” places. Like the other time I was in Bali, I got a “love” notification in my Instagram account. It was an account for a cafe in Bali–one that I’ve never heard about it before. Curiosity took over me and made me took a short look into their account. The next day, I drove to the area and by the help of Google Map–which quite on point and super details–I was there in the cafe having my lunch. The best part is that it’s actually new and I kind of love the place. It’s that easy. When people use technology to find our places, we can actually use the same technology to explore for new places. It’s the wondering and exploration that gave me a satisfaction feeling when I can find the right place while nobody knows about it.

Photo Dec 03, 21 31 15

*taken from my personal SocMed

So I guess, after years of evolving, I found sometimes that technology is something that can help us, especially in this country of mine, where most of our people have been opened to all the new and sophisticated tech which pretty much simplified everything in our life, including in our traveling life.

Is it also a bad thing? I don’t know. Maybe. It does spread the information a little bit too fast that we don’t have that much time to enjoy the place before it gets crowded. But hey, it’s totally helping the places to develop even more, yes? And in the other hand, we can use it to find the new places and maybe share it using Social Media just because we want our close friends to experience something that we had before–it’s in our DNA, I guess. When that place got famous, well we just have to go and find the new one.

So has technology been a good thing or bad thing for us?

Maybe both. :)






That Grey Corner..

He kept staring at the grey wall in the corner of Boulangerie Chaud, a french bakery located in St. Bernard street–a unique area with lots of cafe and vintage shop, used to be his favorite place with Jessy. Everything is still the same. One year? Two year? He forgot how long it’s been since that day. It’s supposed to be his favorite corner, but somehow life found a way to make it into the most sorrowful corner in one man’s life.

Looks like the table cloth is still the same. Adam thought to himself. Not only the cloth, almost every part of that corner was still the way it used to be. The small wooden table with a lot of old labels on its legs and an used french car plate number on the surface. The two chairs that squeak a little every time you lean on them. Adam looked closely on the table and he saw a familiar figure. No way! Even the stupid looking wooden rabbit is there. Gosh… Well done, life. She used to make fun of him because he really like the rabbit and often asked the owner to sell it to him.

All of those stuff brought him back to the past–well, maybe not really, as it’s always there in the back of his mind until this day. He remembered when they celebrated their first anniversary at that same corner. He remembered how she was surprising him with a very rare collection of Adam’s favorite superhero comic. It was the perfect gift that he could ever imagined. Adam was a geek, so naturally superhero comic was his jam. All of them are still there next to his bed. He didn’t have the heart to throw them away even though they kept reminding him of her.

He remembered the taste of her lips when Jessy kissed him three years ago in that same exact corner. Adam was asking her to move in with him, and she nodded without hesitation. It was the happiest smile that Adam had ever seen on her–and the best kiss he ever had.

But, what he remembered the most was how happy he felt that day when he proposed to her just a few months after they moved in together. Bold move, but Adam felt that it was the right decision back then. Adam remembered he asked the waiter to bring the menu and he ordered the special-of-the-day cake. It was a blueberry cheesecake–her favorite of course–and it was served on a square plate with four little holes on each side. It supposed to be the place for the blueberry jam, but Adam thought it would be the perfect place to place the ring. So he did and not long ago after he ordered, the cake came. Once the waiter served the cake, Adam stood up and then knelt on his knee, and he popped up the question. She said yes. Took her a while to digest what was happening but eventually she smiled and said, “Yes, Adam Rafael. It’s a definite yes.” It was the happiest day for both of them, or at least that what he thought.



Then somehow everything changed.

They started to talk less and less. When they got home from work, they only talked a little, asking the standard questions, then focused on other thing. Adam usually went to do his unfinished works from his office until late night. At that time, he was in-charge of a very big project and it consumed almost 24 hours of his time everyday. He did try to put aside his work from time to time and hoping that he can have a quality time with her. Yet, somehow Jessy always had a reason to avoid him. Adam felt that she was distancing herself from him somehow. It drove him crazy. He remembered he once took a day off from office and followed her all day long, but nothing was out of ordinary. Everything was just normal. He felt a bit disappointed after he got home, thinking how low he has been that he needed to quietly follow her around all day to see what she’s up to.

A couple months went by and Adam were still having the same uneasy feeling about their relationship. Finally he gather his courage and decided to confront her. He waited until she got home from work one day, it was supposed to be the anniversary date for both of them, but Adam set up the whole thing so they can have alone time at the house. His heart wouldn’t stop beating so fast the whole day. Man.. this is even worse than I imagine. I thought asking her to marry me was nerve racking enough.. but this is something else. He sighed while preparing the dinner table.

Around 8 pm, the door swung open and there she was. She brought a box that was wrapped beautifully. “Hey honey..” she walked in and hung her coat in the hanger next to the door. “Hmmm.. Smells good.”

“Well? Remember this?” he lifted up the big plate in the middle of the table.

She hesitated for a moment but then she put the box on the table and looked at him, smiling. “How could I not?” She walked to him and give him a kiss–one thing he missed from her. “You cooked this for me on our first date. I was sick and instead of going to that famous restaurant that you really want to try, you decided to make this simple dish so I can stay at home to rest and have a nice meal. I was so charmed that day. I even considered you to be the one.” she put out her cheeky laugh and put her arms around Adam’s neck.

“You do remember.” he said.

“Of course I do.” she kissed him again. “Happy anniversary, Adam.”

At that very moment, Adam felt like all the things that he was afraid of might be just a false alarm. Maybe everything were just alright. Maybe it was nothing. But he couldn’t get rid of this uneasy feeling in his chest.

“Let’s eat.” he let go of her and both of them sit down and begin to eat.

The dinner was quiet. He looked at her from time to time. She’s wearing this blue shirt with a black trouser. Her usual work outfit, but secretly Adam’s favorite clothes of her. She’s just as beautiful as ever..

“Hey hon…” she suddenly called to him.


“Where are we?”

Adam was silent for a minute. “What do you mean?”

“You know what I meant.”

“You tell me. Where do you want us to be?” he asked her.

“Home.” she answered immediately. “I want to be at home.”

I, huh? I guess ‘us’ was no longer in the loop. Adam thoughts to himself. “So, where is your home?”

She didn’t answer the question. She, instead, kept talking about their memories. Their places. Their best kept secret restaurant. She kept asking him whether he remember this and that.

And after a while, she’s out of topic. Adam took this chance to ask her again. “So, where is your home?”

“……” she looked into his eyes but she can’t find a word. “I.. I… I don’t know.” her smile faded and her head was tilted to the back as she lean into the chair. “Where is yours, Adam?”

“I really hope it’s you.” he looked at her. There is an obvious sadness in his eyes. Even she could tell what he meant with that.

“Since when?” he asked again.

“A couple months ago.”

“So…” he hesitated. “Just like that?”

“I guess it’s just like that.” she close her eyes and then she reached his hands. “I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry too.”

She stood up and as she walked away to their room, Adam took the box and said, “Is this like a parting gift from you?”

She stopped and smiled at him. The saddest smile he’s ever seen since he met her the first time. “No, it’s not a parting gift. It’s..” she choked a bit. “It’s a part of me that will always remember you.”




He keep staring at that corner right there. All of these flashbacks made him a bit froze in the front of the cafe, and he was still deciding whether he should go inside or not. Until the owner came outside and called him.

“ADAM!” the owner tapped his shoulder quite hard, he almost stumbled upfront.

“Hey, Frederick..” he regained his balance and smiled to him, and shook his hand. “You look good.”

“I know. And you look like shit, man.” Frederick said in his thick French accent. “How long has it been, huh? One year? Two year?”

Adam looked again to the corner and smiled. “Long. Really long.”

“Come on in, I’ll treat you some coffee. You still love that Cinnamon Latte, right? Let me make one for you, man.” Frederick grabbed Adam’s shoulder and pushed him inside.

Though, Adam wasn’t sure what he felt, but he went inside anyway. It was a bit weird and nostalgic, but still, there was this slight pain that he couldn’t explain. He took a sit near the door that apparently has the view of that grey wall. Well… this is convenient. He thoughts to himself while glaring to Frederick.

Not long after he sat down, Frederick came to the table with his latte. The smell, again, reminded him of the whole thing with her. It used to be ‘their drink’. Adam was a cinnamon freak and somehow he was able to persuade her to try the cinnamon latte and since then she was hooked. They always ordered the latte when they hung out in the cafe.

Frederick stayed for a while and talked with him, did some catch up with Adam before he’s back behind the counter to serve the new customers that were just came.

Fine. I might as well as enjoy it while I’m here. Adam took out a book from his bag and started to read from where he left it before. It was the first book he bought after Jessy left him. It’s A Cup of Moments by Amy Anderson. Curious about the title, he ended up buying it. In no time, Adam was drowned into his own reality with the story that he was trying to imagine in his head. It was until he stumbled into a tiny part of the book where the main character with one other person about love-letting go-follow your heart-kind of thing, and suddenly this other person told him..

..and Lanny grab John’s hand and said, “You know what? I’m going to kiss you. I’m going to kiss you right now. I don’t know when I can see you again. Maybe next month. Maybe next year. Maybe not ever. I don’t want to leave with regrets. I don’t want to wake up one day and then realized that I might have done the stupidest thing in my life by letting my past controls me on how to love and let it drives me to this nothingness with a piece of rope hanging over my head.

And in the same time Adam finished reading that part, a lady came inside the bakery. She was alone and she wore this funny summer dress and hold a little cartoon-ish back pack. Adam was looking at her the whole time since she walked in. Something about this woman intrigued him. Maybe it was the way she dress or the way she walk or maybe the way she talked–Adam was eavesdropping her talking to Frederick at the counter.

She made her order and started to look for a table. She looked around and decided to go to the corner where there was one empty table in there. The table that Adam has been starring into before she walked in. This woman pulled back the chair and sit there in that gray corner table. Once she sat comfortably in her chair, she started to organize her table and her backpack. The table now was full of her stuff. A phone, a purse, a note book, a camera, and a book. Adam recognized the book right away. It was the same book that he hold in his hand right now. He noticed the book-stopper near the end of the book.

Adam looked into his book again. It’s still open on the same page, and he ended up reading the same part of the story again. He read it. Then he turned his eyes to the lady, and just after a few seconds, he closed the book and took a deep breath. “Here goes nothing.” he said and stood up.

He took a glance to the counter and saw Frederick gave him a big smile and lift his fist to the air like he’s cheering Adam. No other customers notice him, but Adam. He gave him a stern look, but still managed a crooked smile on the corner of his lips.

He approach the woman and slowly walked to her side of the table. “Hey.. Sorry for bothering you. ” he stopped and took a small breath. “I was there looking at you and I couldn’t let myself to having a regret by not saying hi to you. I can’t let my past dictates me and drives me to this nothingness once I walked out from this place.”

“Page 210.” she smiled. “You read the book too.”


“I’m Cara.”




Not Alone…

Have you ever felt like your chest is about to explode and it’s killing you slowly from inside? This unsettling feeling that keep waking your brain up in the middle of the night.

You need to let that out. One way or another, whether you’re comfortable or not by doing it.

This past few months, I’ve experienced and seen many changes around me. The peaceful and fun world that I’ve lived in for the past years is no longer there. Reality struck, and it struck real hard. I realized last year, that my life was no longer full of dramas. It’s no longer a drama–it’s a life changing moment.

Those moments literally hit a lot of people and since then everything was no longer the same as it was before. For some, it was a good changing, but for some others, it hurts like hell.

and for some reasons, I saw people keep all of that for themselves and I saw them hurting themselves without even realizing it. It’s kind of sad.

I believe when you got problems, the very first people that can help you is your own self. Allow yourself to talk with your family or your friends. Let it out. Just like what Randy Newman said in one of his song..

If you’ve got troubles, I’ve got ’em too
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
We stick together and can see it through
Cause you’ve got a friend in me

Randy Newman – You’ve Got a Friend in Me

You know.. it’s not about what they will say to you about it or how they will react to it or what kind of solution that they can provide.


It’s simply about the feeling and the understanding that you are not alone on this. Not then, not now, not tomorrow.

And maybe… in an unpredictable way, by talking it out, you help them too.