Awesome bites at BanhBanh!

I am a sucker for street food. Every single time I went for vacation, I always searched for local street food. The longer the queuing line, the better. :D

If you’ve been to Vietnam before, you might find one local street food that served as sandwich, people call it Banh Mi Sandwich. It’s a Vietnamese style for sandwich using Banh Mi as the bread wrapper (it’s like a baguette). You can find it almost everywhere around Vietnam. Yet, in Jakarta, we have some places that also serve this Vietnamese sandwich. I, myself, have never been to Vietnam before, but have tried some of those places in Jakarta that serves Banh Mi Sandwich. Yesterday, I found another one. A good one.

I was walking around in Kuningan City, searching for some light bites before watching movie. I heard from my friend once that there is a new place serving Vietnamese sandiwch in there. After looking for some time, I finally found this gem, BanhBanh–located in the lower ground area near Lotte Supermarket.

the stall..

the stall..

As you can see, the place is not that big with only a few chairs for people to sit on using a bar style of serving. They only serve four kind of Banh Mi Sandwich. Saigon Beef, Cholon Chicken, Chao Omelette, Nguyen Tofu, and Khong Tea as the drink (along with mineral water).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The staff recommended me to try the Saigon Beef, as it’s the most popular one. Well, who am I to judge? Let’s just follow what the staff said. Hehe… I ordered one Saigon Beef (you can also choose either you want to use soft or crispy Banh Mi) and one Khong Tea. Straight after I made the order, they started to arranged my Banh Mi sandwich in front of me. So I can assure you, it’s safe and clean (since some of us have strict policies about it :) ).

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Choose one…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My Saigon Beef is ready!

First bite was…. AMAZING! Super fresh and light, yet so flavorful. I really love the vegetables and the sauce. I think I can eat it even without the beef. They also use a lot of coriander’s leaves which was a big massive point for my taste. I must say, I really-really enjoyed the whole 10 minutes I spent for eating the sandwich.

Consider that I have tried the same thing in several places, I gotta say that BanhBanh is one of the best. They know exactly what they’re doing with it.

The price itself is not bad. It’s quite affordable for a big sandwich like this one. It started from IDR 30,000 to 38,000.

So, if you’re around Kuningan City, go ahead straight to the lower ground area and try this jolly good Banh Mi Sandwich from BanhBanh. :D



BanhBanh Sandwich – Kuningan City, Lantai Lower Ground, Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio, Kuningan, Jakarta .


PS: Tho it’s already 20 cm long, one is not enough for me. :P

New Song: James Bay – Scars

Been browsing for new songs lately and stumbled upon this one. A 23 years old British singer-songwriter, James Bay. His voice reminds me of James Blunt a little bit, but with a bit of raspiness inside.

From all of his songs, I really-really like this one, Scars. Great melody and heavy-realistic lyrics. Something that, I think, most of us have gone through a few times. We got hurt or we hurt someone, it’s either of them. Yet, we’re still willing to stay and live through the scars for a better ‘next-time’.


You’re setting off, it’s time to go, the engine’s running
My mind’s lost, we always knew this day was coming
And now it’s more fright’ning than it’s ever gonna be
You’re miles away, I watch you on a red horizon
Your line’s heart, I would touch you on a storm sky
And I will always be listening for your laughter and your tears
And as soon as I can hold you once again
I won’t let go of you, I swear
We live through scars this time
But I’ve made up my mind
We can’t leave us behind
Your hands are cold, your lips are turning blue, you’re shaking
This fragile heart, so heavy in my chest, is breaking
And in the dark, you try to make a pay phone call to me
But you’re miles away, your ship breaking up
You’re on your own
It’s hard to take, I need an hour just to say hello
And I can’t make the truth of this work out for you or me
And for all the pennies in your pocket
We barely get a second just to speak
We live through scars this time
But I’ve made up my mind
We can’t leave us behind
We’ll have to hurt for now
But next time, there’s no doubt
Cuz I can’t go without you
Oh no no
Oh oh?
We live through scars this time
But I’ve made up my mind
We can’t leave us behind
We’ll have to hurt for now
But next time, there’s no doubt
Cuz I can’t go without you


*featured pic taken from here.

It’s that day again..

Indeed, it is.

The day when you suddenly looked back and realized that so much has happened since the last time you’ve experienced that same day.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the 365th day. For so many times already around this day, we found ourself staring at the ceiling of our room, roaming through the empty roads, holding a pen in front of a blank piece of paper, gazing through the dark sky, or just looking outside your window and listening to the sound of the falling rain. We kind of let ourself drifting back to the rest 364 days we have lived in.

And so, let me drift myself back to those times in year of 2014…

*drifting…* :P

It reminded me that every decision has it’s consequences. Good and bad consequences. There is no wrong or bad decisions. I mean, it’s something that we decided because we thought it was the best way at that time. If right now you think that it was a bad decision, then you’re doubting yourself. Trust me, you don’t wanna do that. When you’re doubting yourself, that is when you lose. Trust in what you have decided and live with it’s consequences. Something good always comes out of it if you see it with the right perspective.

It reminded me that I need to have faith. No matter how fucked up the situation or the problem is, I need to have a little bit of faith. On what? Everything.

It reminded me that I need to be careful to manage my time and my resources. I sometimes forget that I’m already at that level where I need to get my shits together. You know.. future stuff. It’s not that I never think about it, but I sometimes got carried away on the high road and forget that it has many holes. If you got a choice between the high road with awesome views but so many holes along the way and the low road with not that good of a view but smooth-clean road that eventually will peak it’s course along the way, which one?

it reminded me that true love does exist. One of my best friends got married this year after lots of hurdles in front of them. Another best friend of mine got engaged and planning to be married next year. If you see those, you’d get pressured, RIGHT?! Hahaha.. Kidding. XD You can’t not be happy about it. The happiness spread out so quickly that even if you don’t believe in true love, you would believe it even for a moment.

It reminded me that kind people do exist. I’ve met lots of people that are so kind to me and my friends. I’ve heard stories around the world that kindness is still there. Like Ellen DeGeneres always said, “Be kind to one another.” :)

It reminded me that dreams never died. I think they were sleeping all these times, waiting to be woken up. Those ‘dead’ dreams of ours always have funny timing to pop up. Mine is keep popping up on the last half of 2014, right in the middle of the worst moments of my 2014. And they actually helped me to get up and stood on my feet once again.

And finally.. it reminded me that God always extend His arms just when you needed it the most.

So yeah… that was what I got reminded for in the past 364 days.

This year has been a roller coaster ride just like the past years. I mean, we do enjoy riding a roller coaster right?? I know those who will say ‘YES!’ with absolute confident, and I know those who will say ‘Maybe, I don’t know.’ with less confidence. I, myself, never took off from the ride. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but it’s ’cause I couldn’t find a way. So I might as well as enjoying it. Even the scariest down hill track wasn’t that scary anymore that I would just laugh with teary eyes while at it, well… maybe screamed a little. Haha…

So, bring out the new track with it’s high peaks and scary down hill.

Let’s ride.


Erwin. *waving goodbye to 2014*

How does it feel? | Complicated.

Things were so much simple back then. Don’t you agree?

“Back then? How long is back then?” you might asked. I honestly don’t have any good answers for that. Everyone has a different life and past, I figured out that much, alright. So, to your question, I’d say… at that very moment when you’re so happy and you have not been disappointed by expectations, and maybe also at that time when people were just using only simple words to answer a simple question. Maybe.

I’ve been there. I liked it that way. I was hoping things could stay just as they were.

I’ve never been so wrong. :) I guess, I was just too naive.

Things eventually got complicated. Heck, even if they’re not already, they will be.

And the most shitty part for me is that I didn’t don’t do complicated. I’m just not good at that, trust me.

We met people, those who (unintentionally) came into our hearts. We realized that since then our lives would never be the same. We would have this new desire and expectations towards those people. It was no longer a simple life that only has ourself in it. It’s different. It got complicated.

Not only that. Some people have this plan that they made a long time ago about their life, what they will achieve or get or go or anything. I might have made that list too sometime ago. We created this checklist, hoping that we can put a checkmark on each of them later, and if we’re lucky enough, we would have completed the list long before our due day. Yet, life tagged along. Instead of checkmarks, it forced us to put scratch-marks on our list. It’s changing. It’s evolving. The long list became longer, or at some point it became less. It’s no longer as simple as it was first written.

Then you put up this argument, saying that lots of people are used to it already or they were a bunch of complicated beings started from the beginning, so it’s just a natural for them personally.


But let me ask you this, “Is a newborn baby a complicated being?” I, personally, think that it’s the purest and simplest being ever. That was us being simple as much as we could be. Am I right?

In time, those babies will grow up and eventually will discover new things and face changes–complicated changes. Some will be lucky enough to experience them from early times, yet some people will have to deal with them just right after they become way too comfortable with simplicity.

So… can we deal with complicated things? Hmmm… No. I think the right question is “Are we ready to take a leap towards them and not running away?”

I took the leap long time ago and since then have put the strongest smile on my face.

*taken from the movie This Is Where I Leave You

*taken from the movie This Is Where I Leave You


A hidden cold gem, Pino Jelato!

“Now you can have your gelato in Jakarta.” said the man behind the counter when I told him that one thing I really miss about Bali is the awesome gelato.

Well said!

It was a week ago when a good friend of mine told me that she found a new gelato place located at Jalan Veteran, Jakarta, Indonesia. She said it’s quite helping to cure her craving of Bali and it’s pretty damn close with my place, so I was super ecstatic! Say no more, today I decided to pay a visit.

Maybe you were thinking that the place is like a small cafe with comfy chairs and tables, because most of the places in Jalan Veteran are like that. Hey… you’re wrong! It’s nothing like that. It’s just a small ice cream counter with one big umbrella, a table, and four chairs. It has no big sign and basically just placed under one building’s terrace (which owned by the same man). When you get to Jalan Veteran, you’ll see a Korean bbq restaurant, this gelato place is just next to it.

It’s called Pino Jelato. It took the owner’s name, Mr. Pino. He’s an italian who has been living in Jakarta for 4 years now. The place itself is just recently open and always ready to serve you guys some awesome-italian-authentic-real-gelato from around 11 AM (it’s either 11 or 12, I forgot :P ) to 6ish PM. It was the owner himself that served me today. He’s basically there most of the time I guess. The price range from IDR 20,000 for small cup, IDR 30,000 for medium cup, and IDR 40,000 for large cup.

Mr. Pino and his gelato counter!

Mr. Pino and his gelato counter!

For now they have 7 flavors which are Mango, Kiwi, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Fruit Di Bosco (mix berries), and Stracciatella (a cookies chocolate cream flavor). I tried the Kiwi and Mango, and I must say that the Kiwi was to die for!! It’s soooo light and fresh! I couldn’t get enough of it. The Mango is also super good! I need to come back and try the other flavors as well. I’ll update this once I finished my homework. Hehe.. 8-)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

He also told me that he’s preparing to open a new place at Pasar Festival Kuningan in January, between KFC and Yoshinoya. You guys who work or live around there will be so much happier next year, because he will serve you 24 flavors! 24! *heaven*

Well, I guess I don’t need to go to Bali to have a great gelato now. I would prefer that you could bring the beach as well, Mr. Pino, but right now I’m just super happy to have this delicious gelato in my hand. Buon appetito! :D

I'm a happy guy.

I’m a happy (and apparently hairy) guy

PS: If you guys know one famous ice cream cafe in Jalan Veteran, well I prefer this than that one. ;)


Dear Silence..


I know you.

We’ve met a few times.

Do you remember when I was laying around at night on my bed wondering what tomorrow would bring?

Do you remember me–in one fuzzy night after going to a party, having the best night of my life–talking endlessly to you just because I was so happy?

Do you remember that time when I sat on the beach with no one around but you, thinking if I could stay there all day?

Do you remember that night when I was with her, walking her to her house and thinking how happy I was with her?

Do you remember when I have no words to say to her, looking at each other’s eyes and smiling, and yet we’re just so comfortable with you around?

Do you remember that it was you instead of her, that answered my question?

Do you remember that time I let a tear falling on my face after I left a piece of my heart in that city where I met her?

Do you… remember me?

I guess not.

You were with other people too, right?

Maybe next time we meet, you’ll remember and we can catch up about the old days.

See you.


*featured image taken from Pinterest