I’m awake. :)

I’ve been acting stupid and weird. Been like that for few days. Until today.

I’m awake now. I’m starting to rebuild myself. Maybe not fully 100% yet, but I’m getting really close to it.

You know, I have this bad habit to share everything in social media. Which is stupid, really stupid. And yes, I’ve been showing that I was sad. I was miserable. I was devastated. So obvious. Haha..

You never know what you’ve done until you see it by yourself

Now I’ve seen it. I know that the person, whom has some part in it, saw all my post and got confused why I have to be like that. I didn’t mean to tell her about my problem like that, but I guess I did.

Sorry. Really sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. I’ll be a better person. I promise you that.

And.. I hope you understand all the reasons. It’s not you. It’s just me and my own feelings.

Yet, I get it now. Moving on is just something that I need to do with brave feelings and happy thoughts. Not with sorrow or sadness all around it.

Yes, now I’m awake and I’m good. 🙂



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