Scratch from a blank page.

What should I write?


I’ve been thinking a lot about… well, love life. Haha..

Like, a week ago I was having this conversation with my friend and I told her that I’m tired of feeling rejected and sad. Like it’s bad enough for me.


I’m going to take back my words. I mean, life is always like that, right? Full of rejection and other bad stuff. That what makes happiness a happy moment. Make sense? Hehe.. Look, if you have gotten rejections so many times, and the next day you decided to try again ad eventually you got accepted (no matter what the occasion is), wouldn’t you be super freakin happy?? I would. 🙂

So ya.. I’m just gonna try to scratch a new page from a total blank one. Especially when you need to forget the past.

Wish me luck! Haha..



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