Thanks to Guinness!


So last weekend I got a chance to go to Guinness Arthur’s Day. It’s the third edition in Jakarta. Always a fun event to attend to. This year they brought Club 8, One Republic, and MEW. My only goal was One Republic. Haha.. I don’t really fancy MEW somehow. But I was curious about Club 8.

October 26th, 2013. That was the date when I became Club 8 fans and also having an eargasm watching One Republic.

Ryan Tedder is one hell of a guy! He produces, writes, sings, and the front man of One Republic. Can’t get any better than that. Hahaha.

Their performance was beyond awesome! I shed tears. First time ever I cried during a concert. Well, when you hear them playing Apologize then medley to Same Love, Cry Me A River, and We Found Love in a super slow piano acoustic version, you CAN NOT not feel it deeply in your heart! Not to mention they followed it with Burning Bridges. Done. Way too beautiful and yet you can feel the pain from those lyrics.. There goes my tears.. :’D

And the closing.. Oh! Another great concept. I Lose Myself with confetti shots. BEST ENDING EVER.

And I’m sooooo lucky to share the concert with my closest friends, Jeansisca, Kartika, Erico, and Paulina. I can’t think anyone better than you guys to share this with.. Woohhoo!

PS: Day 2 after the concert and I’m still in the euphoria.







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