We all, in some way, need fixing.

I was a mess.

I think everyone will be one if they stay too long in one city that is too busy, too crowded, drama all around you, and well.. in my case, let’s add heavy traffic jam.

Been wanting to share this down for months, but somehow I keep postponing. It was 5 months ago, on early June. Well, it’s actually June 1st. Just the day after I finished my contract in my company. I got a two month unpaid leave on June and July. I think getting the unpaid leave was one of the biggest turning point in my life. I decided to travel alone (again), longer than usual this time.

I have only one thing in my mind that time: I need to go to the beach. Well, why not Bali? : ) Luckily, I’ve bought a ticket last year, since it’s so cheap, I just bought one ticket on June 1st didn’t know if I could make it or not. Well, of course I made it. So there I was, flying to Bali using the earliest flight with no return ticket to go home to. I told my mom that I don’t know when I’ll be back. It could be a month or two weeks. I didn’t know yet. All I knew was that I wanted to go away for a while from everything and got refreshed! That’s all.

Let's go..
Let’s go..

Bali… well, it did it’s magic.

Arrived there with a lost-forgotten wallet. Panicked. Thanks to the security in our airport, they found it. Got the wallet flew by to Bali. Saved. Haha.. really something to start your journey, huh?

I ended up staying in Bali for two weeks. Did I enjoy it? Hmmm.. How should I put this.. It was exactly what I needed at that time. I mean, of course I enjoyed it. Who can’t enjoy Bali?! But it’s much more than that. I got times to think about everything. I’ve been saying over and over again that I need a time where I can be alone at the beach, sitting with a beer or wine, with some good music, and let my mind wonders.. and I finally had time to do that.

I wasn’t completely alone. I have friends who live and work in Bali (something that I can see myself do the same thing, maybe next year..). So, I went with them for days, some other days I just spent alone wondering around. Other than that, there’s one more person that I haven’t had the chance to get to know with but I met her a couple times before. She, in some way, needed a break too and decided to go to Bali for a month or so. Because I was alone and she’s along too, we kinda ended up found each other company most of the time. It felt good, you know, when you found someone that understood your situation. And we are the same kind of people when we go to Bali, we just want to go with the flow.. not bound to strict schedule or whatsoever. Overall, my companions at that time was much more than I needed and I was grateful for that. Like, it’s God’s saying that He knows I can’t be that alone if I wanna be fixed. Hehe..

With Elisa..
With Elisa..
With Fandy & Fella..
With Fandy & Fella..

Everyday was just all about food, beach, books, and hung out. Totally laid back. Totally go with the flow. Yet, doing those stuff kept me sane and made me happy. Like I finally awoke and felt alive. I think it’s the small things that you missed out from your every day life in a big city that can brings you back to life. Like, this one day, I just woke up, took a quick shower, wore a kutang and shorts and flip-flops, then went straight to a small Italian restaurant, sit there for half day just reading and writing and enjoying the weather. Met some new people (tourists from other country) along the way. I mean, you can’t really do that in a big city like Jakarta. You need to dress up or at least dress nice up to some unwritten expectation from the restaurant and other guests. Something I’m really lazy to do very often.

And Bali.. it gives you time to relax and find what’s missing.

photo 4 photo 4(2) photo 3(2) photo 1(3) photo 1(1) photo 3(3) photo 5(2)

So yeah, it was a right decision to go traveling to Bali for two weeks, alone. It’s actually the longest one I’ve ever done for solo traveling. Tho, I’m not saying that by going to Bali for two weeks will fix all your problems, cause it didn’t. All I’m saying is just sometimes you need to get away from all those things that you face every single day in your life. You need a break from all of that, just to keep you sane. To remind you of who you are and what you capable of. To give you a fresh mind for lots lots lots of thinking in the next phase of your life. Find something or some place that can fix you when you needed to be fixed. For me, it was Bali. : )

You.. No.. We all need fixing.

photo (5)



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