Birthday celebration or food galore? 4 restaurants in 6 hours. You think? :D

November 17th, 2013. I’m officially 26th years old! Still single. Boom.

Tho for me, a birthday (especially mine) is an opportunity to eat like crazy without everyone bugging you to control your appetite. OH YEAH!

So, I started to have a Birthday Trilogy. What is a Birthday Trilogy? It’s actually a make up word that Lucy Wiryono came up with when she heard that I’m planning to claim my birthday treat from Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit (@steakholycow), Loobie (@loobielobster), and HolyGyu (@HolyGyu_)! For you who don’t know, all those three restaurants (super recommended by me of course) give you a special treat on your birthday. FREE MEAL. It’s one of their promotion to treat their customers. How nice, eh? : ) So, Lucy, one of the owner, told me to do it and named it Birthday Trilogy. Hahaha.. Just for fun stuff.

And so I did it! in 3 hours. Well, for my defense, I was super hungry. And I bring my friend along too. So it’s not that I want to have free food for the sake of my birthday.. well.. that too. BUT, the point is I wanna celebrate my birthday with treating my friend some too. Hehe.. The free food is a bonus. :p

Moving on!

That was from 1 pm – 4 pm. I still had a birthday dinner on 7 pm. Only had 3 hours to rest my tummy and prepare it for another feasts!

For dinner, I decided to have it at E&O Jakarta. It’s located in Mega Kuningan Area.. It’s a somewhat new (not really new) restaurant in Jakarta with great ambiance. Been there once for drinks but haven’t tried the food yet. So I thought it would be a good  If you love Loewy in Mega Kuningan, you’ll love this also. E&O is actually under the same group with Loewy, and it’s handled by Will Meyrick as the Executive Chef. The same person behind Mamasan in Bali. Well, overall it’s a great place for having dinner with your loved ones or just to have a drink with colleagues.

The restaurant suggest you to have a share dinner. So the portion is quite big for each food. There was four of us and we eat a lot. Like, A LOT. One of my friend has tried the food before so she has some ideas what to order.. At the end, we order Seared Scallops with Caramelized Duck, Crispy Shallots and Peanuts; “Som Tum”; “Kaeng Phet” of Roasted Duck; Tom Yum of PrawnsTwice-Cooked Beef Short Ribs; and Crispy Pork Belly. As well as Durian Panna Cotta with White Sticky Rice and Nutella Steamed Buns with Coconut Ice Cream and Vietnamese Coffee for our deserts. Oh, I must tell you that the Durian Panna Cotta is TO DIE FOR!!! Like, seriously a burst of flavor in your mouth!

Again, I forgot to take photos of the scallops. But, it was good tho. So fresh.

So, that was it! It was an awesome birthday overall. Got to spend the day with a good friend of mine and my loved ones. Till next year? 😉

Photo Nov 15, 20 11 35Photo Nov 15, 22 06 35

CHEERS, mate!



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