It’s raining outside..

It’s raining outside..

photo credit by leminton
photo credit by leminton

I met up with my best friend yesterday and we talk about this one person who loves rain so much, it reminds me of myself.

I don’t know exactly since when I love rain. It sort of just happened, you know? One day, on a rainy day, I was having this thoughts in my head about.. pretty much everything, and I turn on my iTunes, chose a good-slow-mellow-kind-of-song, and.. I smiled. I think I just realized how rain can be a peaceful offering to my life. Since then, I’ve always been chasing for rains.. Am I weird?

Sometimes, when it’s not raining outside and I just needed that moment of closure with a drop of water outside of my window, I made my own rain. I even have this app called Rainy Mood ( you can check the website or download the app), it produces raining sound. It’s exactly like the real one, it gives me a peaceful feeling when I play it.

Still, nothing beats the real sound of a downpour rain. Sitting in your patio, your terrace, your balcony, or just next to the window inside your house.. have a warm glass of coffee or tea or chocolate.. read a book or write a note.. turn on the slow gloomy music.. I love it. I just love it.

A peaceful moments that God gives to you to ease your problems or just simply to make you smile.

And somehow, at some moments, while you’re watching the rain, you know that someone special of yours is doing the same.. thinking about how happy you are because it’s raining and how it makes you smile.. and you know that it connects both of you together. : )

and yes.. it’s still raining outside.




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