One random text message is all you need to get back to this world.

It’s weird and funny how someone can, out of the blue, make your day a much more brighter in one single moment. 

I have this bad habit of thinking too much and go all the way to the end when there’s actually no such ending for every single thoughts. Like, in the middle of my work, I can let my mind wonders around gracefully to all aspect of my life, thinking about shit and stuff. Sometimes it makes me sad, sometimes it makes me happy, and sometimes it makes me lost. It feels like I’m sucked into this hole of blurred images and just trying so hard to figure out everything in one go. Which is stupid, I know.. 

And so a few minutes ago before I wrote this, I just did it again. Full of thoughts, too serious, too distracted.. and suddenly a good friend of mine just sent me a text saying that she looked so fat in the photo I share with her earlier this morning. I don’t know why (maybe because it’s so random), but I just snapped out of my thoughts and couldn’t stop laughing while reading that. Like, literally laughing for minutes. Hahaha.. Suddenly, I felt much better and more happy than how I was few minutes before. Weird.  

Oh well.. 

just some random thought. 

see? I just did it again. 😐 




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