The year before and a year after..

If someone ask you, “Are you the same person that I met a year ago?”, what would you say? 

It’s shocking how fast a year has passed and how, in the blink of an eye, a new year – a new blank book has arrived, waiting to be written. I still remember when I spent my NYE just before we entered 2013. I was at my good friend’s house, enjoying lobsters and steaks. After that, I randomly drove a really long distance to my other friend’s house just to say “Happy New Year” and catching up. All of those were a year ago. Here I am now in 2014, in the middle of the night, trying to remember what 2013 felt like, trying to put all that into this empty white box. 

One word that came to my mind when you mention 2013 would be…. AN EYE OPENING. Well, ok that was three words, but you get what I meant. Right? 

An eye opening… It has opened my eye in so many different ways. It showed me how to be a person. It thought me how to let go. It showed me true friends. It left me a gift of life. It thought me to enjoy life. It told me to have no regrets. Yes. I finally learned to enjoy life as you seen and have no regrets.

I traveled a lot last year. I went on a solo trip. I went with my friends. I went with my family. I visited Bali, Lombok, Bandung, Singapore, and Hong Kong. I even went to Bali 4 or 5 times. Somehow on each trip that I went to, all of them were memorable. I got to know my friends and family in the way I’ve never known before. In the end, it showed you who’s the best travel partner for you. Funny thing is I found that I’m the best travel partner for myself. Solo trip suits me best. Maybe it’s not as fun as going with your friends, but it gave me more experiences that I could ever ask from a trip.

The highlight was Hong Kong and Bali. I went solo last year to both places. Partly because I know I have friends who live there, partly because I don’t want to be annoyed with itinerary or any kind of drama. I wanted it to be just flowing.. Do as I pleased, whenever I wanted to, wherever I wanted to.

So, Hong Kong. Well it was an ordinary trip. Went there to visit my best friend that I care so much about. We had a lot of fun. Oh, I finally tried clubbing in another country! It was fun! I even like the security, hahaha! They were super helping and actually fun. Overall, the trip was refreshing. Next, Bali. I was referring to my two-weeks stay in Bali in May. I wrote about it before. It was the first time I spent so long alone on a trip. Which I found to be much more refreshing than any other trip I’ve ever done before. I decided to make it as an annual thing to do for myself. I’ll do it again this year after I finished my work contract in May. I’ll see you there? 

Other than traveling, I would say 2013 was full of friendship. Like I said, I found out who my true friends are. It’s not  about how long you know them, because at some point, people leave. I read it somewhere that it’s about who say that they will stay and actually stay, especially in times when you need them the most. Fortunately, I made right choices long ago when I first met my friends. They’ve stayed. They’ve been there with me. Every step of the way. Yet, some people that I thought less, did leave. 

Coming from that, I learned how to let go. This year was full of that. Oddly, even tho I’ve been in the same situation before, I happened to face the hardest one yet. Yes, of course I was talking about girls. It took a longggg time before I finally let her go. It was really hard, but then again, I have my friends with me. They’re always there. Didn’t matter how stupid I was and how stubborn I was, they’re always there with me. 

And so it came to this blog. I made this blog on 2012 but then I kinda left it and never updated it again. It was last year that I started to write again. Partly because I like to write and tell stories, but somehow I feel like I need to do this so I can keep myself sane. Some words, I would never be able to say it out loud. That is when this blog came through. It gave me space to say what I couldn’t say before. Just like my favorite quote from Haley James, “Sometimes people write the things that they can’t say“. And because of this, another new world opened up to me. I’ve met new people along the way through this blog, and I’m grateful for that. 

Then from all of those I mentioned above, I’ve learned to live my life and have no regrets. I gotta do what I gotta do. Do not hesitate. It’s better if you’ve done things, no matter how good or bad the result’s gonna be, than wondering and regretting the things you’ve never done just because you’re afraid or not sure. My whole life was like that. Wondering “what if”. No more. I’m done living like that. I don’t want to have any regrets when I’m old and looking back at my life. You should do the same thing. 🙂 

So, I would say that I’m not the same person as I used to be. I’ve changed. I think we all have. I believe, in every year that you have lived for, you’ve gained things that changed you, I hope, to be a better person. 

Well, that was my 2013. Let’s see what 2014 brings to my life. 


Happy New Year! 





4 thoughts on “The year before and a year after..”

  1. Oh I’d love to travel solo! Hope I’ll get a chance one day, and I agree Bali would be the perfect place, among other places. And yes, true friend will stay no matter how long you’ve lost contact or have had disagreements. Let’s make 2014 counts! 😀

    1. You’ll get the chance! It’s strangely super refreshing. You know.. having the time just for you and let you figuring out some stuff. 🙂 Yeap! Let’s make it count! Cheers for more trips to come! 😀 and Happy New Year to you!

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