Change and New Beginning.

I once saw this quote saying, “Don’t be afraid of change, cause it is leading you to a new beginning.” I was stunned for a moment.

That time, I was having this big dilemma about my future. One that includes my source of money. I was scared and confused as hell! It’s such a big deal for me and I just don’t want to mess it up, ya know?

Long story short, there were two options for me. One that includes good money with no future and boring life, or one that includes happy life and a bit brighter future with.. well not so sure about the money thingy. Then I stumbled to that particular phrase, and I just thought that maybe.. just maybe, a new beginning is not that bad after all. I mean, you’ve been stuck for years in this place and you know that you’re kinda wasting your time in some way but you ignore it just because you feel WAY TOO COMFORTABLE with it. Don’t you feel like it’s the time? Don’t you feel like maybe being comfortable is not that fun anymore? Don’t you just wanna go and challenge the world?

‘Cause I do. I decided to choose the later. Money? Money will come. I do believe when you’re really good at what you do and when you do it with your heart, people notice and will appreciate you more than you can ever imagine. And for me.. to do that, to gain that, I need a change. I need a new beginning.

So, here I am.. Ready for a change. Don’t get me wrong, the horror doesn’t disappear just because you’ve decided. The horror is just about to surf into another new level. All of “what if” questions will appear and haunt you every single day. But hey.. people say that life is all about taking risks. You will never know if you never try. Gamble? Yeah, it is. You either win big or lose big. The way I see it, when you lose, you just get another change to restart. You get to find another new beginning. And most importantly, when you win, you actually win more than just a new beginning. You get to conquer your fear, you get to be brave for once (hopefully for the rest of your life), you get to enjoy your life in a new exciting way.

I have not yet won. I will win. One way or another. I will get my new beginning. I will grow (again). I will discover new things. And maybe.. maybe I will find the answer I’ve been looking for.

Don’t be afraid of change.



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