True love… well, it will always find it’s way.

Somehow, it will.

My mind was just blown away watching the final episode of How I Met Your Mother. The very last piece of the whole thing. After all those episodes and we came down to this final episode in Season 9. Can you imagine it? 9 seasons! They need 9 seasons to tell us that somehow… true love will survive.

You know, the main character, Ted Mosby? He had to go through all kind of love stories. The weird one, the freak one, the sad one, the happy-go-lucky-but-not-worked-one, and of course the happy one. All that… to come to the moment when he finally got to have his true love, the happiest love story he ever had. It came true.

And here I was thinking that maybe.. just maybe, it will never happen. There is a saying that sometimes we can’t have our true love with us but we need to keep moving forward and live with it. Well, HIMYM just broke that saying. I guess that is what the producer wanted us to believe all these times, that Ted is also thinking like that even until the very last moment. And here in the very last minute of the final episode, I was convinced that somehow it will find it’s way. No matter how long it would take. No matter how hard it would be.

And this is one of my fav quotes from the final episode. I want to believe that this dialogue has something to do, even if it’s just a little, with the ending of this show.

- The Mother, HIMYM
– The Mother, HIMYM

For those who already find one, congratulation. For those who haven’t, keep that hope high up, ’cause I will. 🙂





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