What comes next?

People has been asking this to me this past couple of weeks, “What comes next?”

If you read one of my old post about changes and taking a risk, it finally comes to next week as my final days at (soon to be) my old workplace. Yes. I’m resigning. Well, technically, my contract is reaching the final day and I decided not to extend it for personal reasons.

Have I found a new job? No, I have not. Am I worried? A little bit, yeah. The question is there. Right in front of my eyes every single day.. What comes next? .. And at some part of my days, it gets though and a bit dark thinking about it. It’s another uncertainty for me. Human hates uncertainty. Don’t you?

But, other people are struggling too. It’s not just me. Other people with less money, less guidance, less help. I mean, with what I have right now, it was nothing compared to their struggle. I know that each person has their own battle and not everyone can face it like that person does, but if other people can overcame their own struggle, why can’t I? Just do our best with everything that we got. Especially when you have people that are so close to you, believing in you. 🙂

And with the time being, let’s do some traveling and trying to live my life in the best way possible.


What comes next? Life. Life is next. 🙂





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