Been A While..

I should have posted this before my two post on Sam Smith. Hahaha..

So yeah, it’s been a while since my last post. I was on my yearly trip to Bali with my friends and also attended my best friend’s wedding in the same island. I didn’t bring my macbook to Bali (actually I never bring my laptop during holiday trip) and I don’t have any iPad, plus I’m too lazy to type using my iPhone. So, please pardon me on neglecting this for weeks. 😀

I stayed in Bali for almost two weeks. I’m familiar with the street and directions, so it’s a common thing for me to stay there a bit long than usual. Yet, I always find something new in Bali. I mean, IT IS BALI. New restaurant and cafe are popping up every day! Not to mention, new hotels are lining up, waiting to be opened. As so with this trip, I found some new exciting places to eat and a really nice hotel, which I will tell you guys later on. 🙂

I’m back! Stay tuned!




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