Dear heart..

taken from Pinterest
taken from Pinterest


Stumbled upon this today when I browsed through Pinterest. (It’s amazing what we can find in Pinterest, don’t you think?)

And then I said this to myself… “Yes, my heart.. Courage.”. It’s something that I didn’t have these past few weeks, yet maybe my heart still lacks for it up till now. A lot of stuff happened and mostly about making a decision in choosing a thing over something else. Or someone..

We need a lot of courage to make decisions in our life, don’t we? Yes, our brain can think whatever it wants about everything, but in the end, it’s our heart that will answer everything. It will need courage to decide one thing and another big amount of courage to make an action out of it.

Me? I know what to do. My brain works as a charm when it comes to think and finding the answer. Yet, my heart is a bit on the down side when it comes the time to work.

Well, my dear heart.. have some courage, will ya?




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