Experiencing Brown Feather Hotel – Bali!


That was the only thing popped up into my mind when I saw the picture of this hotel. The name’s Brown Feather. It’s said in their website that it’s a boutique hotel, but I’d prefer to use the word ‘vintage’ and ‘homey’.

I first saw this hotel in Instagram and immediately fell in love with the design! At that moment, I was planning my recent trip to Bali with my friends and since it’s our yearly trip to Bali, we want to stay in a new place. Something new and different. Then my friend showed me this hotel and we agreed to spend the nights in there.

Since it’s my friend’s suggestion, we left everything in her hands. Hahaha.. πŸ˜€ “Just let us know the price, please.”, I said. Turned out, it’s quite cheap! We got the price around IDR 500,000 to 600,000 / night / room, but I just checked again and the price increased a bit since we booked and maybe because it’s high season. It’s vary for weekdays and weekend, and also based on the room type (we got the cheapest room type). The rate also includes breakfast for two people. Neat!

First thing you will notice when you arrive is that this hotel is soooo vintage and country-ish! Didn’t feel like a hotel at all. What a great first impression.

Photo Dec 18, 13 54 07

We were greeted by a super friendly staff and mostly women. Even the one who brought our luggages to the room was a woman (I did say no and told her to let it be, but she insisted! 😐 ) . Well, there are three types of room, which are AHUSAKA – 1st floor, normal size room; HALONA – ground floor and 1st floor, a bit bigger, next to pool, and the one in the 1st floor has a rice paddy view; and MAGENA – the suite, ground floor next to the pool and also has a rice paddy view. We stayed in Ahusaka type. We booked two rooms, but fortunately I got a room with a window with a street view, while the other didn’t get any window at all. Yeah! At least we have a window, even tho it’s not rice paddy view. Gotta be grateful for small stuff, right?! πŸ™‚ The room was a bit vintage, with the bed, table lamp, bed lamp, hanger, and the table! Another big plus for those who dig vintage stuff, such as myself. Hahaha.. I especially loved their touch in the bed and their bathroom.

We didn’t want to leave the bed, literally! But hey.. we have places we want to go to. So with a heavy heart, we dragged our butt out of the room.. Forgot that we would have lots lots lots of time to enjoy the hotel at night and morning. Hehe. πŸ˜›

How about the breakfast? Splendid. We asked the staff when we arrived the day before where we can have the breakfast, and she told us that we can have it in the room by request or we can have it in the dining room. Then she showed us the dining room, and we were like “Cool!”. It’s a small dining room together with the kitchen with two medium size tables and another two tables in the reception area which was next to the dining room. The dining room itself was so country-ish. Rustic wood table with four old steel bench around it. We can also use the kitchen if we want. There are microwave and a water dispenser for us to use. Instant noodles at night wouldn’t be a problem! (ended up with no instant noodles at all, ’cause too full with dinner)

Tho, the menu was limited. They only providedΒ Nasi Goreng (fried rice), American Breakfast (toast, eggs, sausages, bacon), and Bakmi Goreng (fried noodles), along with coffee, tea, or mineral water. I chose American Breakfast. Well, at first I didn’t expect them to use the kitchen to cook our breakfast.. but hey, they did! For me personally, that is a nice touch in giving a personal service to your guests. Some other hotels just cooked the meal inside or serve them in buffet style. Brown Feather definitely knows how to appreciate small stuff. πŸ™‚

Oh and we left a full big cup of ice cream in their kitchen fridge. On purpose? Hell no. We totally forgot hahaha.. πŸ˜›

Photo Dec 18, 13 54 00
Simple yet tasty

Oh, they also have a small pool in the middle with a cold water in it, which is nice considering the super hot weather in Bali. And like I said earlier, they do have a large rice paddy fields in the back of the hotel. Perfectly equipped with four relaxing chair for us to use, facing the rice paddy. Best to sit there in the afternoon waiting for sunset while sipping through a nice cup of coffee.. HEAVENNN!

There you have it! Such a homey place to stay in Bali. Especially when you love vintage stuff, this is the perfect place for you. Brown Feather Hotel, located in Jl. Batu Belig No. 100, Kerobokan, Kuta Utara (North Kuta) – http://www.brownfeather.com. Not far from Batu Belig entrance road, you can see it in the right side of the road.

Oh, they also provide vintage VW car (I think this one is available if you want to take photos with it) and vintage bicycles if you want to use it for a stroll in nearby area.

Go try it. πŸ™‚

Photo Dec 18, 13 53 36Photo Dec 18, 13 53 25






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