Inside nor outside..

We are living a funny life ya.. Like, there are a lot of drama around us and normally we avoid them. Yet sometimes we got attracted to them.

I guess it’s normal since we, humans, are always looking for excitements in our life. And well.. dramas? They definitely provide that. Both in good and bad way. No matter whether you are in it or just watching from outside.

Once you are in it, you often get lost. For people outside, they often get bored or starting not to give a damn any longer.

But one thing in common for both side (inside or outside), they all have choices. Yet sometimes they just forget about it (or just being ignorance).

But hey.. If that so.. Then life is not funny. Life is just usual. There. Waiting to be lived.

The fact is.. We are the one who is funny. Aren’t we? 🙂


*taken from Pinterest


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