A Glowing Night Run!

Ready! Set! Glow!

One thing I set as my new year resolution was to try something new. 5K running? Damn sure it’s new in my life. Well, I’m not really a runner (unless from love drama #ups XD ). I run from time to time but I was doing it for keeping my body healthy, not regularly.

Then this event showed up. Took place yesterday (June 21st) at Komplek Gelora Bung Karno (Jakarta, Indonesia), organized by Ismaya Live and MesaRace, together they hold ELECTRO RUN, a 5k running event at night! And not just a regular running event, they put together running and music, which includes music performances and DJs. Awesome? You bet it was! I decided to join this with my friends, and as someone who’s having difficulty to get up super early in the morning (I mostly do my exercise run at night), this suited me well. Hahaha.. 😎

And so yesterday I was there ready to run with all the accessories from the committee. Hmmm.. Let’s see.. One running-shirt, a BIB (chest-number), one glow in the dark wrist tag, one lighting wrist tag, two glow in the dark sticks, and one glow in the dark glasses. Yeap. All good!

Ready to run!!
Ready to run!!

We started in Electro Land zone and will finish in the same place. While we run, there will be four different zones that were set up with different themes each. They played really good pumping music and entertainments along in the four zones. So it’s actually up to us if you want to run, walk, dance, or all together!

taken from www.electro-run.com (Official Website)
taken from http://www.electro-run.com (Official Website)

I personally wanted to run, but unfortunately some of the course was too pack with people so you needed to walk in several occasions or sometimes waited for a while until the crowd moved forward. This was the only lack from yesterday’s event. It was over 2000 people there to run and a few courses were not that big like in the jungle area. Lucky if you have a small body so you can move around people freely. Me? Not a chanceeeee…. 😐

Yet, I must say it was awesome and super fun! When you run with a lot of people altogether with super good music, awesome lighting, and cool glowing accessories… a definite win!

This is one of the zones/check points. Fun yet super crowded. Haha..

And.. after a tiring run/speed-walking and a busted right knee.. I arrived in the finish line! Yeah! Here’s a video of us arriving!

Not to forget the after party to celebrate the glowing night!

Another great event by Ismaya Live! Collaboration of running and party! Kudos to the committee!



Now… where is that muscle-treatment gel again?



Before.. still fresh.
Before.. still fresh.
The main stage
The main stage
Almost finish!
Almost finish!
After.. a bit messy but still looks good! hahaha..
After.. a bit messy but still looks good! hahaha..
hmmm... booze corner! XD
hmmm… booze corner! XD

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset



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