Are you done?

*taken from Pinterest
*taken from Pinterest

I mean.. for how long? until when? are you done?

Honestly, this is something I did a while ago. So I totally understand and I do get it.. Yet, I also know that sometimes, it’s so pointless, I reached the point where I asked those questions to myself.

And I’m not talking about a distance from your past, that it’s actually needed to be done in order to move on. No.. I’m talking when you put a distance from some people or maybe one particular people in your circle of life. Those people that have been there for you, laughed with you, cried with you, and hugged you. No matter what.

Everyone has their own reasons, yes.. I can respect that. But, sometimes we don’t realize that maybe we have crossed the line a little bit. The times when to some people, you’re no longer distancing, but it’s starting to feel that you’re leaving.

Some people.. somebody.. someone..  are worried about you. And you know what? They may be the one who’s actually leaving..

So.. are you done?




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