Moving up?

The question is.. “Do you want to?”

I always have this thought inside my head, something like – “I don’t want to stay in the same stage all my life.”. I’ve always wanted to be better. I want to be in the bigger arena, bigger scope, bigger responsibility, bigger opportunity… a bigger life.

To do that, well, I guess a change is inevitable. Especially when you know that it’s for the better. Don’t just wait, you need to chase it.  I mean.. don’t you want to have a better life? A more successful and happier life? … ‘Cause I do.

Some of you might think that I’m too ambitious and not satisfied with what I have right now. Hmmm… Let me ask you this – a simple and cliche question when you’re in a job interview – “How do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years?” I bet you won’t answer the question by saying that you will just be in the same place, doing whatever it is you’re doing right now, living your normal and daily life. Am I right? Well, that’s my point. It’s not about being ambitious and not appreciate what we have right now. The way I see it, life is moving and growing, and I’m sure we want to be able to enjoy it. When everything around you is growing, you can’t just sit there watching.

When people around you are moving up, don’t you get motivated by looking at them? It should open your eyes and not making you feel like they’re different and not fun like they used to, or they’ve changed. Well, maybe they did change, for the better.

Life gets better by change, my friend. 🙂


*taken from pinterest
*taken from pinterest






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