Great Playlist + Food = Happy returning customer!

A great selection of food and beverages is a must for a cafe/restaurant/coffee shop. A great music playlist, playing inside? That’s a bonus.

I guess, for me personally, aside from the food/drinks and the place itself, the music that plays in the background is something I consider a lot when it comes to spending a lot of hours in one place. Especially if I’m only by myself. A good music will help you relax and focus (when you have works to be done). For example. I usually bring my earphone so I can listen to some music while I’m reading a book. Well, with the cable and the-limited-movement, I actually prefer not using earphone. Yes, the surrounding might distract you, but sometimes you might miss something if you really close your world. Yet, when you’re with a date, it can be a ice-breaker and make everything smooth for ya. 😉

In Jakarta, Indonesia, there are some places that play good music for their customer inside. And, no I’m not talking about live music with a band or acoustic party. It’s the playlist straight from their laptop or ipod or anything. Usually I found out that the list was all the owner’s favorite music. So, sometimes it depends on the owner’s taste of music. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a good one. Which brings me to this two places that I like so much, not only because they serve amazing food and coffee, but also come with a great playlist.

The first one is a small coffee shop in Central Jakarta, called Tanamera Coffee. It’s a hidden gem near the super busy area in Thamrin and Bundaran HI, located in Thamrin City Office Park. I went there a few times and I was never disappointed with the music. They usually play a chill-folk-singer-songwriter songs and sometimes upbeat-indie songs. Accompanied with a superb coffee (try their Daily Brew!) and superb pastry (must try Banana Caramel!), your day are about to be much much better.

The other place is called MOJO Kitchen & Bar. It’s located in Senopati area, near SCBD. The place is also quite small for a restaurant, but they serve a really good fusion food of Mexican and Korea. And yes of course, they play a really really really good chill-lounge-remix music! I often go there by myself with a book around 2 or 3 pm (quiet empty at that hour), reading for hours while I dive into their food and drinks. Chilling and relaxing at it’s best! Hmmm.. what do they call it nowadays? Chillax? 😎

I don’t know, but I really like a small cafe or restaurant with not so crowded customers. Especially if they play a really good music.

Well, go ahead and try! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

And talking about music in a cafe/restaurant/coffee shop, I do have my own playlist just incase I’m stranded in a place that plays no music. It’s an playlist. So you need to open it via website or via their iOS/Android apps.

Oh, please do let me know if you found some places like those above. I would love to go and try! 😀




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