Hey you.. Find me.

And when I saw Sarah standing there, I was afraid.

I thought to myself.. “Am I strong enough to move my feet away from her?”

I stood alone in the midst of questions and doubts.

More than 5 minutes had gone.. Was it 5 minutes? It felt like days. Years.

“To go or not to go, that is the question.”, The modern Shakespeare said to himself. Juggling his balls in his own dilemma. My perfectly shaped dilemma.

and then..

I heard something. I heard.. “Hey you.”

I looked up. Sarah was still talking with her friends.

Confused, I looked back.

Still nothing… hmmm…

Wait. I didn’t feel anything in my face. “Where’s my glasses?”, I said.

Frantic, I looked wildly across the whole floor. Well, no. Just 5 inches forward, backward, left, and right. I couldn’t see anything without it.

Nothing. Great. I lost my glasses.

But.. How could I see her without my glasses before? That’s weird.

Whatever. I needed to figure out how I can go home or.. should I go to her instead? I can see her anyway without my glasses.

“Hey you.”

There. Someone’s calling me again. You’re wondering how did I know it was for me? Well, nobody else was there. It was just me.

And I was beginning to look like an idiot moving my head to every direction, trying to search for the person.

As I was about to give up the search and started to walk to Sarah, the person called again. This time louder than before. “HEY YOU!”

I stopped.

“Stop looking. Just stop.”

“Why? Where are you? Who are you?”

“I can’t tell you. You’ll need to figure that out by yourself.”, a gentle voice telling me. The same voice who has been calling me and told me to stop looking. I can tell that this person is a girl. I felt like I’ve heard her voice before, but I just couldn’t guess who she was.

“Find me.”, she said.

..and then I woke up.

A dream.  “Ha.. ha..”, I laughed stupidly.

I walked out from my room, and then the doorbell was rang.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to come over, so I was a bit confuse.

I looked at my watch. It’s 10 AM in the morning. “Damn. Did I sleep that long??”

The bell rang again.

“Hold on! I’m coming..” while I walked to the door, I saw this piece of paper in the floor not far from the door.

I thought I would pick it up later, ’cause the bell was just rang again.

I opened the door.

“Hey you..”

Stunned. I stood in this awkward silence for a few seconds. It was my apartment’s neighbor. I didn’t know her name but she lives pretty close to mine.

“H.. hey.” I said, still not sure what to reply. Stupid, right? I know.

“You okay? You seem a bit surprised.”, she looked concern and.. beautiful. I never really looked at her before.

“I’m okay. Haha.. Sorry about that. So, what’s up?”

She was about to ask again if I was really okay, but she hesitated.

“Oh, nothing. I just want to give you this. This is yours, right? I found it last night in front of your door.”

It’s my glasses.

“I knocked but no one answer. I guessed you’re already sleeping by then, so I took it home. I was afraid someone might steal it.” she continued. “Well, not because I want to steal it! Of course not! You know, I thought I can come to your place and give it back to you today.” “Sorry.. here.”

I smiled.

I took the glasses from her hand.

“Oh! I slipped a memo through your door last night. Just ignore it. You have the glasses now anyway.”, she laughed while explaining.

“Oh.. that was you. Yeah I haven’t read it.. Because someone was ringing my bell again and again.” I looked at her pretending that I was mad.

She laughed again. A pretty one.

“Hey, thanks so much though, for taking care of my glasses and bring this back to me. I really appreciate it.” I said while walking back to the apartment a little bit and took the memo.

It was well written. I meant she has a good hand-writing.

It said.. – Hey. You lost your glasses, didn’t you? I found it. I’m Lisa. I live just two doors next to yours. Number 19th. Find me. –

I smiled again.

“Err.. Did I write something funny?”

“Haha.. no. I just remembered something.” I said while still smiling and reading the last two words, again and again.

After gathering my thoughts, I turned back to her.

“So.. Lisa right? I’m Peter.”, we shook hands. “Hmmm.. Can I buy you a coffee for bringing this back to me?” pointing at my glasses.

She paused for a moment. Then..

“Sure.”, she smiled.






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