Not over doing it?

When it comes to finding your happiness, each people has their own way to do it. You just can’t judge what other people do to find happiness based on what you do.

Let’s face it. Each people are unique.

But for me, there is one rule that I personally think it’s applied to everyone. No matter who you are. It is ‘Not over doing it’.

Let’s say that some people might find that drinking beer or any alcohol-infuse-drink is enjoyable and it kinda makes them happy in some way. But when you’re over doing it, it becomes a bad habit. You’re becoming an alcoholic.

Or another example, when you like to be alone or having a me-time, which actually makes you calm and happy. You’re not that party-easy-going kind of people. But when you’re over doing it, you might get numb to everything or everyone around you. You’re becoming this senseless cold person.

Even as simple as loving yourself or loving someone else. When you’re over doing it, you might hurt someone else or make people move away from your circle of life.

And many other things.

I mean, at some point, you have to know your own limit. You gotta see the line and try not to cross it.

But yea, that’s just me.

Photo Aug 18, 17 39 04



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