A satisfied visit to Marco Padang Grill

Do you drive daily through Slipi area in Jakarta? If so, you must have seen the giant billboard just before the bridge in the intersection of Pejompongan and Palmerah. It’s an ads of a Padang restaurant called Marco Padang Grill.

Photo Aug 24, 19 08 25

Since I’ve seen a lot of pics and tweets about it in social media, I decided to pay this place a visit yesterday. So I went to Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall where Marco Padang Grill takes place. I was a bit skeptical at first since it’s located in a mall. If you have tried any kind of Padang restaurant in a mall before, you’d know that the price is not really cheap. I was prepared to see the expensive price. But hey, it’s not really bad. I mean for a restaurant mall, the price was okay. Not cheap but not that expensive as well. Acceptable.

I was alone, waiting for a friend to come by a few hours later so I didn’t order much. I was curious about their speciality since I was told that they use old recipes of Padang food. So I ordered one of them, which is The Barramundi Panggang Pacak. I also ordered Dendeng Kering Lado Merah (Crispy Beef Jerky with red pepper sambal), Telok Barendo (Padang style of fried egg), and Nasi Sayo (a new menu consist of rice, red and green sambals, vegies, Rendang sauce, and crackers).

First come the Nasi Sayo. Other than all the side part I mentioned earlier, they also pour the yellow curry soup on the rice which made it more tasty. I love the rendang sauce! I don’t really like rendang, but I must say the sauce was amazing. The red and green sambals were also good.

Next, came the Dendeng. It’s super crispy just how I like it! For me personally, if you serve Dendeng, it has to be crispy. Other wise it will be hard to chew. Super important. And it was great combined with the red pepper sambal. Not disappointed at all.

The Telok Barendo was so so. I mean, it’s like a usual fried egg. Tasty, yes. But not really special.

Photo Aug 24, 19 16 20

And not long after I tasted all of the three above, the special food finally came. The Barramundi Panggang Pacak. It smelled really good! Garnished with a half lime for you to pour it on the fish (if you want to). As a lime addict, I totally poured it on my fish. I recommend you to do the same, it will make the fish tastes even more better.

I took a bite.

“OH GOD, THIS IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!” I literally said that to myself. Loudly. I noticed some people who sit next to me gave me a weird look. Hahahaha.. Pardon me. XD But it’s true! It’s really good! There’s no smell of fish at all, which confirmed that it’s fresh. It’s not over seasoned. Just the perfect amount was used. It’s a burst of flavor together with the red and green sambal, and also with a slight touch of the rendang sauce. Gosh, heaven…… 🙂

Photo Aug 24, 19 28 28
Barammundi Panggang Pacak

Yet, other than this Barramundi, they still have other type of fish which is one of the reason why I will go back to Marco Padang Grill. I want to taste the rest of the menu. There this one dish that I’m really intrigued about, Belut Goreng Lado Merah (Fried Eel). I love Eel but I had too much yesterday so I didn’t order it. Will definitely order it next time.

And guys, that Barramundi was the reason why everything was so worth it. The price and the time you’ll take to go to the mall and find a parking spot in that mall (a bit confusing haha). All of them are worth it. 😀

Go try!


Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ciputra World | 3rd Floor, Unit 16 & A08, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5, Karet Kuningan – Jakarta – 12940 | Phone: +6221 29889377 | www.marcopadang.com




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