Decisions.. Decisions..

One of my habit is that I tend to think a lot while I’m driving. Not that I’m not focus on the road, of course!

And tonight was the same. I was driving and suddenly my mind started to look back to the past years. Those decisions that I made for myself and how all of them brought me here today. And then I came to think about one thing… Where would I be if I chose something else that day? What is it like right now if I chose the other option? What is it like right now if I chose to be with that someone?

I think all of those questions above are just going to be there in my mind all the time. And actually it’s kind of fun projecting how my life would turn out to be these days, supposing I chose differently.

But hey, I don’t regret my decisions at all. I’m grateful for them. All of those decisions made me who I am right now. They brought me to these people that I love and grateful to meet.

I guess I was just… wondering.

I mean, it’s normal right? o_O


*taken from Pinterest.
*taken from Pinterest.

4 thoughts on “Decisions.. Decisions..”

  1. I hope that’s normal because I do that too. I sometimes like to daydream about the past, it doesn’t affect my present life so I guess I have made the right choices for me as a person… There is nothing wrong with some daydreaming. Long as you are happy. Have a nice day šŸ™‚

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