A Text Message

He sat there alone on a comfy wooden chair at this small old restaurant inside his apartment’s lobby. The smell of a hot coffee in front of him struck his nose.

He smelled it graciously for a second. There was always this calm sensation in his mind when he smelled coffee.

“Hmmm… This is good stuff.” He sipped it twice and took out the book from his bag next to him. It was a novel that he has been reading for a few days. Just a few chapters left.

Immediately after he started reading, his was busy picturing all the details in the story.

When suddenly…

Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

He looked up. The phone’s screen lighted up.

A message.

He wondered who could it was. He thought to take a look at it but eventually he ignored it and got back to the book.

Bzzzt. Bzzzt.

Another message.

He put away the book and reached for the phone. He picked it up both together with the coffee on his hands.

He took another sip and slid his thumb on the phone screen in the same time.

There were two new messages and both were from the same person, Anita.

It’s her. He thought to himself and put out a little smile.

Hey! … Where are you? Anita wrote.

The usual. I was so sleepy… What’s up? He wrote back.


He waited for a while, hoping for a quick reply from her.

But it didn’t come. The phone was still with no buzzing went through at all. So, he slowly put the phone back on the table.

He wanted to wait but he decided to go back on the book.

He opened the last page that he was on and started to drift away immediately.

He was about to order another cup of coffee when a song came from the phone. He knew who that was. He only use that particular song for one person only.

A call from Anita.

He threw the book to the table and hit his glass. Fortunately, he finished the coffee already.

It was unusual for her to call him like this. She usually texted him first when she wanted to call. In so many other occasions, they usually just talked using the text messenger.

“Hello…” he answered.

“Hey… Erick,” she answered back. “Still in that old restaurant?”

“Yeah of course.”

“You’re alone there? What are you up to?”

He took his time to answer back.

“Just me and my book, and some strangers on other tables. As usual.” He replied.

“Right… Strangers,” she laughed a little. “You meant other customers.” “Well, what are you reading this time?”

“Oh, it’s a novel. The Blueberry Muffin,” he took the book and look at the cover. “It’s one of those in the best sellers section.”

“Wait, is it a cook book?” Anita mocked him. “I didn’t know that you like to cook!”

“OK. First of all, you’ll be surprised on what I’m capable of. And second of all, it’s a NOVEL. N-O-V-E-L, Anita.”

“Hahaha… I know. I was joking.” She laughed.

He always loved to hear her laugh. It’s annoyingly adorable.

After a few small talks, Anita was silent for a moment.

She then asked him. “Hey… Do you mind if I come over?”

She couldn’t tell, but the happiness that he felt earlier for making her laugh, has just gotten bigger. “Of course not! Come. I’ll wait for you.

“Ok. See you?”

“See you.” He hung up the phone. Called the waiter over to order another glass of coffee, and leaned back to the chair.

He grabbed the book and started to read it again.


Page by page passed by while he’s waiting for her.

He started to feel uneasy. It has been an hour since that phone call and there was still no sign of her at all.

He was about to finish the last chapter of the book when his phone was suddenly buzzing.

“Must be her. Probably saying sorry ‘cause she’s late.” he said to himself while he picked up the phone. Trying to smile to ease the feeling.

He saw the screen. It was indeed from Anita.

Erick… Sorry. I couldn’t make it there. He called! 

Another text message just came to his phone.

Guess what? He wanted me to meet his family. So nervous! Wish me luck! : )

He locked his phone and leaned back. His smile was still there but with an entirely different reason.

He glanced over to the book at the table. It’s still open on the last page that he was on. The very last page of the book, and he was one paragraph away before finishing the whole book. Something inside him told him to finish the book anyway.

He put out a big sigh and reached for the book.

He lost count on how many times he has fallen. That was the problem. Sometimes we’re so happy that we tend to forget stuff. We were so happily blinded by what’s happening in front of us, we forgot to remember that there was no place for us to land when we fell. Thus, we kept falling until the time reminded us again that it’s the wrong hole.

He flipped over the last page and closed the book.

He sat still for a while. His mind wondered around those last words he read.

He took his phone. He opened the text messenger, and wrote two simple words.

Good luck. : )



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