Welcoming Fall Season!

As people in the US or Canada usually call it, the Fall (or Autumn for other region) season is finally here. It starts around mid August or early September. The season that marks as the transition from summer to winter. It is said that the temperature will gradually changing into a cooler one. (It won’t hurt to check Wikipedia from time to time. πŸ˜› )

But hey.. I’m an Indonesian and still live in my lovely country. So technically, I’m no expert of Fall/Autumn season, since we only have Hot and Rainy seasons. Yet, I do know one thing about Fall season…


Yes. Oh YES. I’m officially welcoming back my personal medicines! The waiting is over, my friend. Time to embark on the new journey through these dramatic, hilarious, adventurous, and touching scenes. Hehe… 😎

So go check out your favorite TV series, or maybe check out some new ones. I always go to http://www.tv.com as my source. Well, as you can figure it out already, it gives you detailed information on each series. Synopsis, airing date, cast and crew, trivia facts, you name it.

Let me share my list with you! Here goes…

1. The Big Bang Theory (now airing on seas 8)

taken from here
taken from here

I used to hate it ’cause I thought it’s just something unimportant comedy show with a not so funny jokes. GOSH, WHAT WAS I THINKING?? I was wrong. Totally. This was an example of me judging the book from it’s cover. Hahaha… My friend showed it to me one day, and I was instantly hooked! It’s about 4 geeky guys (or nerds if you want to use that word, I prefer not.) having to live close by with a hot girl that was presumably out of their league. Overall, it’s really funny. The jokes are on point. The characters are perfect. The writers are definitely geniuses. Love it!

2. Red Band Society (now airing on seas 1)

taken from here
taken from here

A new show premiering last week. It’s about a group of children living in a hospital because of their diseases. They’re all from different kind of schools with different personalities and background. All together are taken care of by one doctor and one nurse. Other than the nurse who’s played by Octavia Spencer,Β I don’t really know the others. It’s quite different than any other high school drama series and the pilot episode was so touching. I think it’s gonna be my new favorite. πŸ˜€

3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (now airing on seas 2)

taken from here
taken from here

Boys will be boys. I admit it. Hahaha… I love Marvel super heroes kind of thing and gadgets. Well, this series give me those! Originally taken from those Marvel movies that we have seen in the cinema, the main story evolves around Agent Coulson (remember the dead agent who was close with Director Fury in The Avengers? It’s him.). Yes. He was brought again to life by some technology. The movie itself doesn’t really showcase superhero’s power thingy, but more of the existences of S.H.I.E.L.D. agency. Still really interesting for me, though.

4. Scorpion (now airing on seas 1)

taken from here
taken from here

If you love movies about a team working together to fight the crime, steal something, or helping others, you might like this one also. You know the usual team who always have an expert on each field, something like the brain, the muscle, the driver, the sexy girl, etc? This Scorpion has four geniuses guys on IT level, and one normal person to do the talk with outside world. They were geniuses that not everyone can connect with, so they have this one person to “help” them. If you like Leverage, Breaking In, and Italian Job, this one might fit you.

5. Madam Secretary (now airing on seas 1)

taken from here
taken from here

This is a series about a woman, who was CIA analyst, asked to be the new Secretary of State. The story evolves around her dealing with office politics, global issues, personal life, diplomatic strategic, etc. If you’re into politics or government stuff, this is a good one for you. I like how Tea Leoni plays the main character, Elizabeth. One of the reviewers put the title: Bitches get stuff done! 😎 The pilot episode was not bad, so I’m hoping the stories will stir up and become more interesting in the future episodes.

6. Modern Family (now airingΒ on seas 6)

taken from here
taken from here

Another example of me judging a book by it’s cover. Used to not wanting to watch it, now I love it. XD Yeah, we all have done some stuff we’re not really proud of huh? Hehehe… Another comedy TV series! Another laughter medicine for me after BBT. It’s about a big family who’s divided into 3 group of small family which covers most of the modern typical of family nowadays. Mix culture, gays, big-difference-in-age couple, and parents with teenagers. A good one to ease your stressful day.

7. Parenthood (about to air on seas 6)

taken from here
taken from here

Just like Modern Family but on the drama side of it. It’s a big family who’s divided into 4 group of small family, the grandparents and their 4 children with their own family. I like this one so much! I’m the only child in the family and watching this series kind of bring me through that big family moments with your siblings that I didn’t get the chance to live with, you know? And they have a great storyline with lots of common problems that a family might get into. It’s a little bit like a lesson on how to be a parent and act to you parent, somehow. Oh, and it’s the farewell season! 😦

8. NCIS: Los Angeles (about to air on seas 6)

taken from here
taken from here

I found it among my friends that it’s uncommon to like this version of NCIS. It has a lot of variety from the original one to many other cities. Yet, I only like the Los Angeles version. I don’t know. I guess I’m just not the typical person? Haha. Anyway, I love these kind of series. A team fighting a crime. The characters were so unique and not typical, compares to any other members in NCIS family. Ah, whatever. I love this one. :p

9. Hawaii Five-O (about to air on seas 5)

taken from here
taken from here

Same reason as the above. But so much better, it takes place in Hawaii! Man, I love beach. Combine that with this awesome team, I’m just super satisfied. Another reason is because it’s the modern version of the old show. I saw some of the old ones and I like it, so I figured I’m gonna like the new ones.

10. The 100 (now airing seas 2)

taken from here
taken from here

This is new for me. Even though they already reach the second season, I just found out about it few days ago. Actually I saw the novel but I didn’t know that they’ve made it into TV series. So I was intrigued to see what it is about. More or less the same like Madame Secretary, from the quality point of few. Not a bad pilot episode and it’s actually getting better on each episode. Oh, it’s about people who live in the space because earth was bombed by meteorite and got fully stocked with radiation. Until one day, they want to test if it’s safe already to come back, so they send 100 people, who they saw as criminals and dispensable ones , to check.


That’s all! For now. Hahaha… I might find more along the way, but as for now, these 10 are my top list TV series in the Fall season.

Let me know about yours! πŸ™‚

Happy watching! Goodbye outside world. πŸ˜€

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