This #hashtag came across me last night from Whoopi Goldberg, where she was with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. She was sharing about her Thanksgiving day celebration and then this words came out from her, “I just need a minute!”. She wasn’t pointing it to Jimmy, no. What she meant was that everyone was so caught up with the madness of the world and being angry at some things, then she thought that a holiday like Thanksgiving is very much needed where it’ll be the moment when they can forget all those madness and anger, and just “for a minute” enjoying and embracing all the love in the world. After that, feel free to go back being angry to the world.

At some point when I was watching the show, I realized that she’s couldn’t be more right. We need it. I need it. I guess it’s pretty tiring and exhausted with all of the madness, dramas, unsolved problems, angry feeling towards the world, and the feeling of being treated unfair. It’s pulling us down deep into that dark room that you might never realize that it was dark with no light on it until you close the door by yourself and got locked inside. I surely don’t wanna be in that room. Do you?

I need a minute. Well, maybe more. An hour? A couple hours? A day, maybe? How long do you need? I said, take it. Start with a minute. If you feel better, then take longer next time.

And then you ask, “What should I do within this minute?” If you watch the show, Whoopi told us to call someone we love, tell them we love them or how grateful we are to have them. Call those you like, talk to them. Embrace your family, your loved ones. Get together. Well.. as from me, I would say.. take a breather. Be silent, think about anything that you can be grateful for. Take your mind off from the world for a minute. You can also do something that makes you happy or something that makes you being in the zone. Your own zone–your own little world. Choose whatever you feel that can bring the most happiness in you. 🙂

As for me, in this one minute that I have, I would put my headphones on, turn on the music and just close my eyes. I found it peaceful and comforting. It’s kind of charging me in a way, you know? Preparing me again (for thousand times already) to face the world with every problems that come along. I embrace music. Some people embrace other stuff. Others embrace their spouses, others embrace their family, others embrace their passion, etc. What do you embrace in this life? Use that.

Just like Whoopi said, “Can I just have 5 minutes to rejoicing that my family is here and my friends are here? I just wanna get that for a minute, and then I go back to being mad about stuff and try to fight stuff. But I need a minute!” Hahaha… Well said! Have a minute break in your life, and after that you’re welcome to go back facing the world. But at least, you’d have that one minute that will carry you through the day.

So, shall we? Better yet, again, as Whoopi said,”Go to your window, open it, and yell ‘I JUST NEED A MINUTE’ to the world!” XD



2 thoughts on “#IJustNeedAMinute”

  1. I enjoyed watching that show. I love Jimmy he cracks me up all the time and this particular hashtag was so on point for me. Definitely great. I’ll be referencing that throughout the whole year for sure.

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