A hidden cold gem, Pino Jelato!

“Now you can have your gelato in Jakarta.” said the man behind the counter when I told him that one thing I really miss about Bali is the awesome gelato.

Well said!

It was a week ago when a good friend of mine told me that she found a new gelato place located at Jalan Veteran, Jakarta, Indonesia. She said it’s quite helping to cure her craving of Bali and it’s pretty damn close with my place, so I was super ecstatic! Say no more, today I decided to pay a visit.

Maybe you were thinking that the place is like a small cafe with comfy chairs and tables, because most of the places in Jalan Veteran are like that. Hey… you’re wrong! It’s nothing like that. It’s just a small ice cream counter with one big umbrella, a table, and four chairs. It has no big sign and basically just placed under one building’s terrace (which owned by the same man). When you get to Jalan Veteran, you’ll see a Korean bbq restaurant, this gelato place is just next to it.

It’s called Pino Jelato. It took the owner’s name, Mr. Pino. He’s an italian who has been living in Jakarta for 4 years now. The place itself is just recently open and always ready to serve you guys some awesome-italian-authentic-real-gelato from around 11 AM (it’s either 11 or 12, I forgot 😛 ) to 6ish PM. It was the owner himself that served me today. He’s basically there most of the time I guess. The price range from IDR 20,000 for small cup, IDR 30,000 for medium cup, and IDR 40,000 for large cup.

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Mr. Pino with his gelato stall..

For now they have 7 flavors which are Mango, Kiwi, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Fruit Di Bosco (mix berries), and Stracciatella (a cookies chocolate cream flavor). I tried the Kiwi and Mango, and I must say that the Kiwi was to die for!! It’s soooo light and fresh! I couldn’t get enough of it. The Mango is also super good! I need to come back and try the other flavors as well. I’ll update this once I finished my homework. Hehe.. 😎

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He also told me that he’s preparing to open a new place at Pasar Festival Kuningan in January, between KFC and Yoshinoya. You guys who work or live around there will be so much happier next year, because he will serve you 24 flavors! 24! *heaven*

Well, I guess I don’t need to go to Bali to have a great gelato now. I would prefer that you could bring the beach as well, Mr. Pino, but right now I’m just super happy to have this delicious gelato in my hand. Buon appetito! 😀

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Mind the hairy hand…….. 😀

PS: If you guys know one famous ice cream cafe in Jalan Veteran, well I prefer this than that one. 😉

UPDATE: October 2016 – Last I heard he has moved the counter some place else, but some of the info I gathered also saying that the business has closed.  



13 thoughts on “A hidden cold gem, Pino Jelato!”

      1. Are you sure he is still running the business? I was informed by someone nearby that he closed his business for good and the one in Plaza festival too

      2. Honestly, I haven’t been to the area for a long time now.. Last I heard he moved the counter somewhere else, but maybe he closed it already. Thanks for the info though! Will check it out and update my post. 🙂

      3. Hello again
        I went there today… I gathered some information regarding Mr Pino .

        1. He joined his business with the previous owner of the restaurant where they ran their business together at the end of the veteran street (the first restaurant where we see when we enter the street by car since it’s a one way street)

        2. Since the restaurant owner moved, Mr Pino also moved. On July when I went there, someone on the street said Mr Pino went bankrupt. Nobody knows their whereabouts so far.

        3. I will check his business in Kuningan tomorrow and try to gather more information there. You can find Pino on Instagram (pino.jelato).

      4. Hi! Wow.. thank you so much for the information!! It’s such a pity though if the rumor that he went bankrupt is true.

        Yeah I did remember seeing Pino sign on the restaurant you mentioned above. Maybe that’s what it meant when they say that he moved.

        Anyway, thanks so much for the update. 🙂

      5. I wouldn’t agree if he went bankrupt because he managed to open a shop in Kuningan (that also closed). The famous ice cream on veteran street is not that delicious. I tried that ice cream today and I didn’t enjoy it. Pino still the best one.

        A waitress that works in a restaurant nearby told me that he moved to sudirman street but that street is very long and big. Soon or later I will inform you again about Mr Pino….

        Thank you 😀

      6. Hello again
        Yesterday I went to Kuningan and asked one of the employees in pizza Barboni

        She said that Mr Pino already left the business and according to her… the business didn’t go pretty well as in not making profit. His shop in Plaza festival is now under construction.

        Sorry I can’t find anymore information about Mr Pino and his business….

        You can find his video on YouTube or contact him on Instagram but don’t expect to get any reply because I tried to contact him and got no reply.

        (Pino.jelato) instagram

        Anyway… I hope all the best for Mr Pino

      7. Hi! Well we can just assume that he’s no longer in business tho.. maybe he still is but it would be pretty hard for us to dig into it anyway due to not many information about him..

        Anyway, really appreciate these updates you have been given me! Happy to know that someone is following Pino Jelato too.. hehe..

        You have a good day! 😀

  1. I will check it this Sunday and will inform you pretty soon

    The one in Plaza festival has been changed to shoes shop

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