How does it feel? | Complicated.

Things were so much simple back then. Don’t you agree?

“Back then? How long is back then?” you might asked. I honestly don’t have any good answers for that. Everyone has a different life and past, I figured out that much, alright. So, to your question, I’d say… at that very moment when you’re so happy and you have not been disappointed by expectations, and maybe also at that time when people were just using only simple words to answer a simple question. Maybe.

I’ve been there. I liked it that way. I was hoping things could stay just as they were.

I’ve never been so wrong. 🙂 I guess, I was just too naive.

Things eventually got complicated. Heck, even if they’re not already, they will be.

And the most shitty part for me is that I didn’t don’t do complicated. I’m just not good at that, trust me.

We met people, those who (unintentionally) came into our hearts. We realized that since then our lives would never be the same. We would have this new desire and expectations towards those people. It was no longer a simple life that only has ourself in it. It’s different. It got complicated.

Not only that. Some people have this plan that they made a long time ago about their life, what they will achieve or get or go or anything. I might have made that list too sometime ago. We created this checklist, hoping that we can put a checkmark on each of them later, and if we’re lucky enough, we would have completed the list long before our due day. Yet, life tagged along. Instead of checkmarks, it forced us to put scratch-marks on our list. It’s changing. It’s evolving. The long list became longer, or at some point it became less. It’s no longer as simple as it was first written.

Then you put up this argument, saying that lots of people are used to it already or they were a bunch of complicated beings started from the beginning, so it’s just a natural for them personally.


But let me ask you this, “Is a newborn baby a complicated being?” I, personally, think that it’s the purest and simplest being ever. That was us being simple as much as we could be. Am I right?

In time, those babies will grow up and eventually will discover new things and face changes–complicated changes. Some will be lucky enough to experience them from early times, yet some people will have to deal with them just right after they become way too comfortable with simplicity.

So… can we deal with complicated things? Hmmm… No. I think the right question is “Are we ready to take a leap towards them and not running away?”

I took the leap long time ago and since then have put the strongest smile on my face.

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