It’s that day again..

Indeed, it is.

The day when you suddenly looked back and realized that so much has happened since the last time you’ve experienced that same day.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the 365th day. For so many times already around this day, we found ourself staring at the ceiling of our room, roaming through the empty roads, holding a pen in front of a blank piece of paper, gazing through the dark sky, or just looking outside your window and listening to the sound of the falling rain. We kind of let ourself drifting back to the rest 364 days we have lived in.

And so, let me drift myself back to those times in year of 2014…

*drifting…* 😛

It reminded me that every decision has it’s consequences. Good and bad consequences. There is no wrong or bad decisions. I mean, it’s something that we decided because we thought it was the best way at that time. If right now you think that it was a bad decision, then you’re doubting yourself. Trust me, you don’t wanna do that. When you’re doubting yourself, that is when you lose. Trust in what you have decided and live with it’s consequences. Something good always comes out of it if you see it with the right perspective.

It reminded me that I need to have faith. No matter how fucked up the situation or the problem is, I need to have a little bit of faith. On what? Everything.

It reminded me that I need to be careful to manage my time and my resources. I sometimes forget that I’m already at that level where I need to get my shits together. You know.. future stuff. It’s not that I never think about it, but I sometimes got carried away on the high road and forget that it has many holes. If you got a choice between the high road with awesome views but so many holes along the way and the low road with not that good of a view but smooth-clean road that eventually will peak it’s course along the way, which one?

it reminded me that true love does exist. One of my best friends got married this year after lots of hurdles in front of them. Another best friend of mine got engaged and planning to be married next year. If you see those, you’d get pressured, RIGHT?! Hahaha.. Kidding. XD You can’t not be happy about it. The happiness spread out so quickly that even if you don’t believe in true love, you would believe it even for a moment.

It reminded me that kind people do exist. I’ve met lots of people that are so kind to me and my friends. I’ve heard stories around the world that kindness is still there. Like Ellen DeGeneres always said, “Be kind to one another.” 🙂

It reminded me that dreams never died. I think they were sleeping all these times, waiting to be woken up. Those ‘dead’ dreams of ours always have funny timing to pop up. Mine is keep popping up on the last half of 2014, right in the middle of the worst moments of my 2014. And they actually helped me to get up and stood on my feet once again.

And finally.. it reminded me that God always extend His arms just when you needed it the most.

So yeah… that was what I got reminded for in the past 364 days.

This year has been a roller coaster ride just like the past years. I mean, we do enjoy riding a roller coaster right?? I know those who will say ‘YES!’ with absolute confident, and I know those who will say ‘Maybe, I don’t know.’ with less confidence. I, myself, never took off from the ride. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but it’s ’cause I couldn’t find a way. So I might as well as enjoying it. Even the scariest down hill track wasn’t that scary anymore that I would just laugh with teary eyes while at it, well… maybe screamed a little. Haha…

So, bring out the new track with it’s high peaks and scary down hill.

Let’s ride.


Erwin. *waving goodbye to 2014*


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