Awesome bites at BanhBanh!

I am a sucker for street food. Every single time I went for vacation, I always searched for local street food. The longer the queuing line, the better. 😀

If you’ve been to Vietnam before, you might find one local street food that served as sandwich, people call it Banh Mi Sandwich. It’s a Vietnamese style for sandwich using Banh Mi as the bread wrapper (it’s like a baguette). You can find it almost everywhere around Vietnam. Yet, in Jakarta, we have some places that also serve this Vietnamese sandwich. I, myself, have never been to Vietnam before, but have tried some of those places in Jakarta that serves Banh Mi Sandwich. Yesterday, I found another one. A good one.

I was walking around in Kuningan City, searching for some light bites before watching movie. I heard from my friend once that there is a new place serving Vietnamese sandiwch in there. After looking for some time, I finally found this gem, BanhBanh–located in the lower ground area near Lotte Supermarket.

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The stall..

As you can see, the place is not that big with only a few chairs for people to sit on using a bar style of serving. They only serve four kind of Banh Mi Sandwich. Saigon Beef, Cholon Chicken, Chao Omelette, Nguyen Tofu, and Khong Tea as the drink (along with mineral water).

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The staff recommended me to try the Saigon Beef, as it’s the most popular one. Well, who am I to judge? Let’s just follow what the staff said. Hehe… I ordered one Saigon Beef (you can also choose either you want to use soft or crispy Banh Mi) and one Khong Tea. Straight after I made the order, they started to arranged my Banh Mi sandwich in front of me. So I can assure you, it’s safe and clean (since some of us have strict policies about it 🙂 ).

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Saigon Beef is ready!

First bite was…. AMAZING! Super fresh and light, yet so flavorful. I really love the vegetables and the sauce. I think I can eat it even without the beef. They also use a lot of coriander’s leaves which was a big massive point for my taste. I must say, I really-really enjoyed the whole 10 minutes I spent for eating the sandwich.

Consider that I have tried the same thing in several places, I gotta say that BanhBanh is one of the best. They know exactly what they’re doing with it.

The price itself is not bad. It’s quite affordable for a big sandwich like this one. It started from IDR 30,000 to 38,000.

So, if you’re around Kuningan City, go ahead straight to the lower ground area and try this jolly good Banh Mi Sandwich from BanhBanh. 😀



BanhBanh Sandwich – Kuningan City, Lantai Lower Ground, Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio, Kuningan, Jakarta .


PS: Tho it’s already 20 cm long, one is not enough for me. 😛


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