Passing by….

It was a busy afternoon at the train station. She just got off from train. She walked fast, trying her best not to bump to other people on her way to the exit door.

And there he was, gasping for air. He’s been running all the way from the front gate trying to catch his train. The announcement for last call has been ringing for a while now. He had to find small space around him to slide in through to go forward. He hadn’t noticed, but he was in the same line with her.

It was just a few meters left before their path crossed.

And then, fate took over. Like a skilled athlete, he moved to the right front, going for a slight gap left by an old man who dropped his book. He looked at him wanting to help, but decided to slip over to get ahead. The train was about to leave any moment.

So, there they were… passing each other without laying eyes to one another. She was too busy paying attention to the sea of people in front of her. He was too busy paying attention to the train. Yet, he looked back once and he saw someone was helping the old man. He continued to run.

It was her. She stopped and picked up the book, gave it to the old man and then left the station.

He missed the train.


*featured photo is taken by James M Thorne, click here to see his works.


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