Smile, please..

I went home from office today using a bus. I was busy with my phone for a while before I looked up and saw the faces of the other passengers. It was pretty overwhelmed for me honestly, I was looking around and see the same expression on everybody’s faces. That tired–or maybe sad–vibe were floating around the air around me. I couldn’t see any smile, even from those people who were busy tapping their thumbs on their phone or busy talking on the phone. Most of them did it with no expression in their face at all. Not one single smile or even a small smirk was drawn in that half packed bus.

I was listening to my music from my phone the whole time. Until it shuffled to a dance music and I instantly tapping my foot while moving my shoulder and head a little bit to enjoy the beat. I know it’s kind of stupid, but I couldn’t help to put a big smile on my face.

I looked around once again and realized that I might be the only one who actually enjoying this bus ride to home. I was grooving my body even more after that, hoping that someone would see how silly I was–trying to do little dance in a bus, and eventually smile or laugh a little because of that.

It was around 6 PM, and I know how tired we could be after a whole day of work and maybe after facing so many problems that might have occurred earlier today. Believe me, it wasn’t a fun day for me as well. I was just trying to not let it got to me, so I wanted to wash it away with something that makes me happy, which is good music. But hey… no one seemed paying attention to this silly guy dancing in the middle of the bus. They all had this blank stare, it made me felt a bit down looking at them.

Maybe I was just too naive, but I knew exactly what one smile can do to other people. What one silly conversation or act by someone can do to the sad faces. A lot of people did that to me and I was really grateful for them. Even those who I didn’t know.

So to you all out there… smile, please. I don’t know how hard your day was or how deep your problem was, but a little smile won’t make it worse, I promise you that. It can only bring that relaxation moment for you even only for a few minutes, which maybe exactly what we need to overcome a bad day. Call your loved ones, text your loved ones, listen to your favorite music, remember the happy moments you experienced before, try to do anything that makes you happy even only for a tiny bit. ‘Cause sometimes we forget that when other people see us, somehow they got affected in some way we would never imagined.

I don’t know, but I hope someone in that bus was smiling because of me (be it’s because of my silly-stupid dance move, I don’t mind)

It was such a sad world outside, let’s start small and put a smile to the people around you. πŸ™‚

*taken from pinterest


PS: try not to be creepy tho. πŸ˜›


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