I wish you were here.. 

In this very night..
I just wish you were here..
Sitting next to me..
In the dark room, just the two of us..
Silently holding each other hands..
Twiddling your fingers on mine..

I really wish..
I keep wishing..
Maybe I’ll see you soon?
Maybe I will cry myself to sleep?
I reached out my hand to this empty space..
I could almost feel your presence there..
I could almost see you..
And I blink once,
It’s just an empty space..
I’m sitting all by myself..
In this dark room..
Wondering if you can feel this heart of mine,
aching to its deeper core..
Wanting to see you..
Even if I have to say another goodbye..
I just want to see you now.
That’s all I want.
‘Cause I miss you.
I miss you.



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