Life… so far.


test…. test….

You guys can hear me? I mean, read. READ.

Well… here I am again. How long has it been? Few months? I think almost half a year since my last post. I’m not dead (yet). I’m still very much alive and kicking.

And uh… I’m sorry that I’ve been neglecting my blog that long. I do have my excuses tho, but I’m just gonna say that life happens and I got distracted. I guess some of you have experienced the same situation? You know, like that moment when you’re so caught up with something and it consumes you inside and out, and all you can think about is “How am I gonna get out of this?”. Well, as you can see, I got out. I’m re-arranging my life back again, not that it was bad before (it’s been good, really) but more to make it steady and ready for the next step.

What next step? Haha.. a lot of next steps. It’s like I’m walking on so many stairs and trying to climb up with only two legs (and two arms if possible).

Anywayyy…. aside from my life, I’m going to re-arrange my writing habit again. I’m making a target of at least one post per week, be it a story, a piece of my mind, or any recommendation / review from me. Let’s see if I can bring this back, yea? 🙂

I got a lot of things I wanna share with you and most of them has been recorded in my note book. I just haven’t got the time to post it here.

So… till my next post? (not in months I promise. >:D )

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset
New hat!



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