(No Longer) Hidden

I remember one day I was scrolling down my Instagram just to see what’s happening out there, but then, I stumbled into one travel guide account displaying one of the secret beach in Bali that I really love–because it’s hidden and not many people know, even locals.

Photo Dec 03, 21 35 36
*taken from Instagram

I don’t mind when they post something through their Social Media account about a place or a destination, but the irony was they use the word ‘secret’ as they explain about the place, and in the same time also put up how to get there and where it’s located. I was in silent for a few minutes, trying to absorb what just happened. I was kind of annoyed, maybe? But then, I realized that we’re no longer live in the same world we used to be in five or eight or ten years ago. People nowadays are using so many platform to share what they like when they’re traveling. Technology has been developed into a stage that we’re only ever dreamed of back then.

As for my traveling life, I can’t lie and say it got nothing to do with it. It does help me when I’m preparing my travel itinerary. I can check my Instagram feed, using a lot of hashtag just to find the exact destination. I can check my timeline in Path, Facebook, or Twitter to see whether someone posted some cool places or something about the city that I’m planning to go to. It’s so easy that I usually get too much information and options than I need. I believe technology plays a big part in our life. Well, at least it does in mine.

Most of the time, we will go to these places and we end up loving it so much, that we decided not to share too much details about the places. You know, we usually just post a sneak peek about the place with no details at all. I don’t really put the address or the exact location of those places. It’s not that I don’t want people to know about the place, but for me personally, I want people to try finding it by their own. That way, they can feel the satisfaction that I felt when I first found these places. It’s more fun that way, no? (And if they can’t find it, then we can have the places hidden for a while. Which is good for me. :p)

Photo Dec 03, 21 31 49
*taken from my personal SocMed
Photo Dec 03, 21 32 25
*taken from my personal SocMed

But, then, since it’s 2015 where information got spread so fast in a blink of an eye, somehow other people that went to the same exact place share it in their Social Media with lots of details, which makes it so much easier for people to reach the place. The places that we want to keep it hidden a bit longer are no longer hidden and the wondering journey to find the places was no longer there. Oh no, I don’t blame those posts or those people who posted them. It’s just funny somehow for me, because I do post about places I go. A lot. I often post a blog post about those places–though, I always do my best not to put too much details on how to get there, and more focus about the place itself. So, in one way or another, I can’t really blame them. I guess they’re too excited and ended up posting a little too much information and somehow take the fun out of it.

But, since technology has been playing a big role in this world we live in, we can somehow explore more to find another new “hidden” places. Like the other time I was in Bali, I got a “love” notification in my Instagram account. It was an account for a cafe in Bali–one that I’ve never heard about it before. Curiosity took over me and made me took a short look into their account. The next day, I drove to the area and by the help of Google Map–which quite on point and super details–I was there in the cafe having my lunch. The best part is that it’s actually new and I kind of love the place. It’s that easy. When people use technology to find our places, we can actually use the same technology to explore for new places. It’s the wondering and exploration that gave me a satisfaction feeling when I can find the right place while nobody knows about it.

Photo Dec 03, 21 31 15
*taken from my personal SocMed

So I guess, after years of evolving, I found sometimes that technology is something that can help us, especially in this country of mine, where most of our people have been opened to all the new and sophisticated tech which pretty much simplified everything in our life, including in our traveling life.

Is it also a bad thing? I don’t know. Maybe. It does spread the information a little bit too fast that we don’t have that much time to enjoy the place before it gets crowded. But hey, it’s totally helping the places to develop even more, yes? And in the other hand, we can use it to find the new places and maybe share it using Social Media just because we want our close friends to experience something that we had before–it’s in our DNA, I guess. When that place got famous, well we just have to go and find the new one.

So has technology been a good thing or bad thing for us?

Maybe both. 🙂







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