CODE BLACK – CBS’s New Medical Drama

One of my greatest pleasures in life is laying on my bed, watching a really good TV series. Even nowadays, rather than spending money on weekends and hanging out with my friends, I prefer the warm comforting feeling of my bed and blanket while watching TV. Maybe I’m old already. 😛

So how do you define a good TV show? I’m going to be super subjective in here. For me personally, it needs to be entertaining. Boring and stagnant story line is a no go. It also needs to be simple, and not too complicated–I have too many dramas in my life already, I don’t need more from TV. Last but not least, the casts and the characters have to be spot-on.

If you agree with me and you like those hospital theme TV series such as House, E.R., or Grey’s Anatomy, then I would recommend this new one that just started last September, CODE BLACK.

At first, I didn’t put too much expectations on this one since I haven’t found any good hospital theme TV show after House. I’ve been longing for a good one ever since House finished. Finally CBS came up with an answer. Code Black is more like E.R. mixes with Grey’s, but with the intensity of House. Okay, maybe I over-saying it, but that is how I felt when I watched the pilot episode. But what I like the most is that this one has less drama between the main casts. Even when they do have one in the episode, the focus was always about the patients’ stories and how they’re trying to save them.

Code Black itself in hospital world is described as the most busiest time in ER area with not enough doctor and nurses to help, even not enough bed to cover them all. This TV show takes place in Angels Memorial–a hospital in Los Angeles, US. The story evolves around four resident doctors who just started their time in Angels Memorial and their attending doctors along with one senior nurse. Basically it shows how the four residents counter everyday problems with the patients and sometimes they also need to face a death-or-life decisions with unusual methods, plus facing their own personal problems. And yet, all the senior attending doctors also came from different backgrounds and have their own stories as well which will intertwine with the residents’. But, like I said earlier, the story’s mostly not about their own dramas, in the end it’s more about the patients.

Screen shot 2015-12-31 at 12.02.24 PM

I found that the show gave you real feelings into it. Every conversation, every moments, and every endings were just real to me. It’s that good! The interaction between the casts was also good and entertaining, not a dull one. Especially in the situation of Angels Memorial ER Department with their rules and people, using the word Mamma and Daddy to address the senior doctor and nurse. Probably because of the great cast they have, such as Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzman, Kevin Dunn, and many others. Also I must say that I’m quite impressed by Raza Jeffrey, Bonnie Sommervile, and Harry Ford. But hey… great cast is nothing without great writers, right? 🙂

Screen shot 2015-12-31 at 11.35.32 AM

Oh, I also like the transition between scenes. The cinematography that they did is really good and a little bit dramatic. Just right there in my liking.

Only one warning from me. If you can’t handle gruesome things or scenes, better to prepare yourself before you watch it. It’s a hospital world, so yeah there will be lots of blood and life-or-death actions.

Currently my favorite! XD





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