Little Funny (Good) Distractions..

Little distraction. Everybody needs a little distraction from time to time. I mean, life can be pretty harsh at times. There will be times when you just feel like it’s-enough-give-me-a-break kind of feeling. When it comes to that, a distraction is probably something that you need.

People have their own way to distract themselves just for a moment, trying to get that little piece of happiness back. It can be music, it can be movies, it can be your friends or your loved ones, it can be a book, etc. You name it. Every person has their own preference for that kind of thing.

For me personally, I usually use those mentioned above… but there are times that I just need a quick one that can make me laugh my ass off. Then in that case, I always go to my youtube account. Yeap, my little distractions are videos in Youtube. Hahaha. What videos? I’m not talking about those (so called funny) videos like a cat dancing to a song or videos about people do a prank to other people. Nope. I don’t really see that as a funny one. Sometimes they can get overboard or, well, just not funny.

The one I go to is the international talk show videos with hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden, and Graham Norton. Since I live in Indonesia, we don’t get to see their show on our local nor cable TV. So the only way to watch the show is through Youtube within their own channel. Something about the way they host the show is really interesting for me. I mean, it’s totally different than our local talk-show (we have some good ones too, but it’s just different). Boy, these people are hilarious! They’re good. They know what they’re doing and they love to do it, which makes you feel like you’re not watching a talk show but just watching two or three people in a daily conversation.

I want to share with you some of my favorite videos that really-really made me laughed my ass off, and even some of them still makes me laugh every single time I watch it.

Sometimes, it’s the story from the guest that really cracks you up!

But you know, as it’s in Youtube, they only post the highlighted part and not the whole show or the whole interview. But, you know, you can always search for the full show and you might get it. You can find anything in internet these days.. XD

I was only into those American talk show a while ago, and then I stumbled into Graham Norton Show, hosted by Graham Norton himself. This dude is crazily funny! They way he interacts with his audience is quite different than other talk shows, and so does the way he talked with the guests. It’s more relaxing and “free”. This is a British talk show, so you might stumbled into guests that you’ve never seen before, which is fun! It’s like you’re discovering new people with great talent. 😀

As for Graham Norton Show, I tend to search for the full show since his show is quite long and you just don’t want to miss any part of the interview.

So, that’s it! Those above are some of my favorites. Please do check them out! But hey, again, it’s a personal reference so you might like it or you might find it not funny. Though, I hope those videos can lighten up your day a bit.




PS: all the videos are sourced from Youtube and all the credits belong to those channel and people who posted it.


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