What’s good? | Just play Coldplay.

Someone asked me, “What is your favorite musician or band?” I would say, “Errr… I don’t know. I have favorite(s).”

That is true. I like so many genres of music, in which I have a few musicians and bands that I like playing in each category. I listen to all of them in daily basis.. well maybe some of them are played more than the other but I don’t see them as THE favorite. I just see them as good artists with good music.

And then, frustrated because I didn’t give her a specific answer, she asked me again, “OK. Then who you go to when you’re down or happy or mellow or lazy or when you’re so bored that you just randomly want to hear a good music?”

“Coldplay.” as easy as that.

I don’t really understand myself, but they are the one I go to in every kind of situation or every kind of mood. My favorite? Hmmmm.. Definitely in that category, but it’s not THE one… or.. maybe it’s more than just a favorite. Their music soothes me down when I’m in panic. Their music lifts me up when I’m feeling blue. Their music is something I can dance to. Almost of their lyrics are something that I can relate to. Their music is always good for road trip or any kind of traveling. And definitely a go-to-songs for a sing along moment. 😀

So…. maybe rather than favorite, the right label would be my “Getaway Music“?

Yeah. I would definitely use that. 😎

What’s yours?

*taken from Pinterest


Erwin (while listening to Coldplay)


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