Take Care…

“So… you take care.”

“Yeah. You too.” replied the other person on the line.

Martha hung up the phone and looked to the girl next to her. “Just talked with him. I told him that I need some time alone. You know, to figure out some stuff.”

“And? What did he say?” said the other girl.

“Well.. he seems okay with it. I mean, yeah, I don’t know for sure but I think he understand.”

“You sure? I’m not going to spend another time with a new brother in law.” she chuckled and then poke Martha’s head a little. “I like him, Martha. He’s a good guy.”

“Amy!” Martha yelled at her. “Of course we’re not breaking up! I love him. You know that. I just… I just need to think for a while. That’s all.”

Amy walked up from the bed. She went to the bathroom and decided to take a bath. “I need to prepare for my date.”

After she closed the door, Martha approach the door and said to her loudly, “SOON TO BE brother in law.”

“Haha.. Yea.” Amy said from inside the bathroom.

Martha smiled and as she walked back to the bed, she said in whisper, “Thanks for approving him, sister.”

Few minutes later, Amy came out to from the bathroom and while she’s changing into her dress, she called to her,”Hey.. but you know, it’s kind of sad.”

“What is? Me? Us?”

She looked at Martha and said, “No. Not that.. It’s just.. When I think about it, it must be hard for him when his friends ask him about you, but.. you know that he knows nothing since you guys decided to being apart for a while.”

“You think so?” Martha took a deep breath and started to look outside from her bedroom window.

“I think so, yeah. But what more than that is that…” Amy stopped in the middle.

“What? That what, Amy?” Martha confronted her.

“That it must be sad for him to lie to people who asked about you, pretending that he knows what you’re doing right now when he actually doesn’t.” Amy said.

And just like that, a drop of water came down from Martha’s eyes.





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