Satisfied Morning at Bakmi Ho Liaw

On my recent visit (literally this morning) to Kelapa Gading area, I went to this noodle place called Bakmi Ho Liaw. I purposely searched the best pork noodles in Kelapa Gading, and Ho Liaw was mentioned as one of them.

The location is actually a heaven for noodles lover or pork lover for that matter. Literally a shrine for a pork noodle lover. It’s located at Kelapa Kopyor street in Kelapa Gading area. If you happened to search the list for best noodle in Kelapa Gading, almost every restaurants take place in Kelapa Kopyor. Totally my kind of street to live in. Hahaha… XD

So! Bakmi Ho Liaw! It’s really easy to find, they have a flashy banner in front of the restaurant. You won’t miss it. I, stupidly, forgot to take a picture of the front of the restaurant. I was too happy when I left, I went directly to my car. But, trust me, you’ll find it quite easy. Even the inside is quite flashy with a long big banner on the wall.

Photo Feb 24, 10 14 26
Nice, eh?

So, how about the food? They actually served other dishes too such as hainam rice with roast pork and other side dishes as well. But, since I was eating alone (sad, yes? :p), I only ordered Mie Keriting Campur (curly noodle with 3 kind of pork).

Photo Feb 24, 10 17 06
Mie Keriting Campur – IDR 30,000

It was DA BOMB! I love the noodle because it’s quite dry and you can add the soup as much as you like from a separate bowl. I’m not really into wet noodles with too much soup. I like it dry. That way, the original flavor of the noodles and the garnish are still intact. Most importantly the roast pork belly would be very crunchy! Yes. The pork roast was so so so good! Totally one of the best pork noodle that I’ve ever tasted.

So, naturally….. I ordered a second. XD

Photo Feb 24, 10 27 46
Mie Keriting Campur 2nd portion that tasted a bit different

But this time, I asked to take out the minced pork so I only got two kind of pork on the noodle. Yet, I tasted something different on my 2nd portion. It’s tasted like bacon? But I thought that it must be a really really thin Char Siew, a different style of roast pork (some says that it’s a Cantonese style).

When I finished the noodles and wanted to pay, the chef came out and asked me about the 2nd portion. He asked me how it was. Was it taste good or not. Naturally I said it’s good, just like the first one I had earlier. But then he said, “Yeah, I added a little of bacon on it.” I KNEW IT! It was bacon! So imagine a Chinese style pork noodle with bacon on it.

Well, Chef, that was brilliant! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bakmi Ho Liaw is definitely one of my favorite place to go as of today. Oh, and the price is quite affordable for a noodle. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Go try!

Photo Feb 24, 10 13 55

Photo Feb 24, 10 12 52


Bakmi Ho Liaw

Jl. Kopyor Raya Blok Q1 No. 14, Kelapa Gading

Open from 7.30 AM – 14.00 PM, close on Monday.





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