Villa Kresna Boutique Suites, a (not so) beach front hotel.

I’ve been wanting to post this since… errrr…. last year. 😛 I was going through my picture files and I found this place’s photos and suddenly remembered that I haven’t written anything about it. My bad.

Let me tell you about this place. For me, this is one of the best hotel/villa that I’ve ever stayed in, in Bali. I found it through Agoda when I was scrolling (intensively) to search for an affordable place near the beach for my trip to Bali last year. I found a lot of places actually, but this one somehow attracted me a lot more than others. I ended up booking the place.

The place called Villa Kresna Boutique Suites, located in Seminyak area. If you browse Villa Kresna, there will be two place with the similar name. Both of them are actually from the same group, but different location and also each of them has different style. The one I stayed in is more into hotel slash villa with public pool. The other one is more into a private villa kind of style.

Entrance to Lobby
Parking area


After I parked my ride, I saw a bunch of greens at the front before the lobby (a plus point already!). The lobby was medium in size and it’s next to the dining area where you can have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The staff was really friendly towards me. I arrived there quite early (before the check-in hour) and it took me around 15-20 minutes to get my room. When I checked in, I was told that my room has been upgraded from Deluxe (the original book) to Junior Suite! Lucky! Nothing beats a free upgrade for your holiday room. XD

Lobby Area
Dining Area next to Lobby
Key was old school. Nice.

I must tell you that the place looked better than the photos I’ve seen before. I loved the fact that they use a garden theme around the hotel and you could feel the intimacy around the hotel since it’s not that big.

Garden and Pool area
View from Lobby

The pool was not that big, but it looked comfortable nonetheless. I didn’t have the time to swim since it was raining a lot the whole time I was there. Such a shame. Maybe next time. 🙂

Their rooms were divided into two floors. I happened to get the Junior Suite at the first floor. It’s the one in the far back from the 2nd photo above.

Once I heard that I was getting a Junior Suite instead of deluxe, I was quite excited for a big room, but I didn’t expect it to be that big! The bedroom itself was quite big already, and yet I still had a separate lounge area with big sofa and TV next to my bedroom. Sweet!

Lounge Area
Bathroom, love it!
Bedroom. Huge!
Private terrace in front of the room
View from my terrace

Location was the mere reason I chose to stay in here. It’s super close with Seminyak Beach! It’s literally 1 minute walk to the beach (15-20 seconds if you run), even tho it’s not a beach front resort. If you search through Google Maps, you’ll see that the location is on a dead-end road, plus if you try find a way from the hotel to the beach, it will guide you through the main road which is quite far. But actually, there is one other villa resort that separates Villa Kresna Boutique Suites and the beach, and there’s a small path (not visible in Google Map, you’ll see it through Street View tho) next to that resort that leads to the beach. Just enough for one motorcycle to pass through. Just ask the hotel staff and they will show you the way. That my friend, is your short-cut to the beach. 🙂

Other than that, I like the location since it’s pretty deep from the main road of Seminyak. I’m more into places that close to the beach, but also not that noisy. Luckily, I have my girlfriend’s car, so I’m not that worried if I want to go out and find some food. You can also rent a motorcycle. But I don’t recommend you to take a walk from the main road to the hotel. Once or twice is fine, but I rather pay a bit money so I don’t need to walk everyday since the area is quite dark.

Come to think of it, that might be the only downside if you stay in here. It’s not that close to the hip area and restaurant area, takes you around 5 minutes using car. If you decided to rent a bike or a car, then problem’s solved. Oh, I need to remind you as well that the parking area is limited to only a few cars. If you’re using a motorcycle, you don’t have to worry.

Overall, my choice at that time were spot on. I chose it to be close to the beach, ended up having a great experience the whole three days I stayed there.

So, if you’re looking for a great place to stay, affordable price (randomly checked Agoda yesterday and the price was still around IDR 600-800 thousands per night), 1 minute walk to the beach, huge room, quiet place, still around Seminyak area, well Villa Kresna Boutique Suites might be the place for you. Give it a try. 😎

Villa Kresna Boutique Suites

Jl. Sarinande 19, Seminyak, Bali 80361 – Indonesia

Phone: (+62) 361 730317




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