“Yes, My Accent is Real”, another side of Kunal Nayyar.

I was introduced to Big Bang Theory around two years ago by my friend. We were hanging out in her house and she put on the big bang theory old season DVD and we just randomly watched it. I was hooked! Heard about the show before, but I thought it was one of those weird comedy shows with crisp jokes. I know. My bad. I wasn’t that smart back then. Hahaha..

One of my favorite jokes were when they have this dialogue with each other and they’re trying to use sarcasm to talk with other people. Nobody does that better than Raj, I must say. The way he said it, and along with the accent, was always spot on. XD Raj character in The Big Bang Theory is, indeed, played by Kunal Nayyar. I saw his interviews on many talk shows and they always cracked me up every time I watched them over and over in Youtube. This dude is funny!

Then I heard that he’s going to write his own book. Like, what?!! Such a win in life. I watched one of the interview about the book and he said that it’s not a biography or memoir or whatsoever. For him, the book is about his own life stories about where he came from and what he’s been through to be in the position he’s in right now. I think he merely wanted to show people that it takes effort and a long long journey to living your dream, and it’s actually possible if you put your mind to it.

The book tittle is “Yes, My Accent is Real – and Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You.” I think some people still think that he fake that accent in Big Bang Theory 😛 So, if you saw Kunal Nayyar before, you must knew that he’s good at making jokes and as he starred in a comedy TV show, the book must be a comedy kind of book. Hmmmmm. Yes and No. I think the book was great in both ways, comedy and the moral side of it. He threw jokes here and there of course, but I found the moral side of it that really hit me most. I’m not saying that it’s not funny, ’cause it sure is. XD But, in the book he also wrote about the lessons he got from his dad, his mom, his brother, his friends, and all the moments he’s been through. I could relate to all that somehow. There’re these moments when I read some pages and then I stopped for a while just to think about what he wrote, or just moments where I was silent–well it’s not like I read the book loudly, but you know what I mean right?–and I was like, “Holy shit, he’s right.”


So in some other way, this would be the other side of Kunal or even Raj for that matter that you have never seen before.

I really like the book. It’s actually the first book I read about someone and his true life story. I usually fixed on fiction, so this is a really nice change for me as well. I have two favorite stories on this book, they are “Garbage, Man” and “Nina. Why?” 🙂

Oh, and then there’s this part when he was telling us some of the lessons he got from his father and this particular one is something I will remember the most:

“If you buy something that’s too expensive, then you won’t have enough leftover money to go out and enjoy yourself, so what’s the point? You want to sit in an empty house all alone? Dad viewed money as a means to an end. It wasn’t the finish line. Rather than save every single rupee to buy the biggest house, he’d rather have extra money to spend generously on food and friends and sharing. Live in a house you can afford, but eat like a king.”

Kunal Nayyar

So, if you’re looking for a book about a real life story with a good writing inside, please do check this one out.

PS: Oh, come on! It’s Kunal Nayyar we’re talking about! Hahaha.. 😎


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