Nasi Gila Theresia, Street Food’s Hidden Gem

“What do you wanna eat?” | “Hmmm… Street food?”

This particular one takes place next to St. Theresia Church at Menteng. If you live in Jakarta, Indonesia and you often hang out in Sarinah or Menteng areas, you might have driven or walked pass this place a few times. I, too, didn’t notice it before, until my friend brought me there a couple years back. I’ve been coming back to eat there ever since then.

This place is known as Nasi Gila TheresiaΒ (Nasi Goreng Gila Theresia), owned by Bang Medi. It is one of the best place for me to eat Nasi Gila. I’ve tried so many places, but I kept coming back here, I lost count already. It tastes different than others, and I’m not the only one who said that. A lot of my friends said the same thing, so it must be true. πŸ˜€

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Nasi Goreng Gila Theresia and Bang Medi.

For locals, the term Nasi Gila is commonly related with fried rice vendor on the street at night. Basically, Nasi Gila itself is just a white rice with a lot of topping consists of chopped meatballs, chopped sausage, chopped chicken meat, spring onions, and sometimes some veggies as well. The toppings are usually cooked in a simple way like the way we make fried rice, but without the rice. It’s so much simpler when you look at the real thing than to read what I just typed. XD It usually opens at night, and you can find a lot of street food vendor selling this in so many places using a small wooden truck. Some of them make a dry kind of Nasi Gila, and some of them make a wet kind of it. I personally like the way Bang Medi does it, dry and tasty. πŸ˜€ Not to mention, it’s really affordable. My last visit, I only spent IDR 25,000 for one big portion of Nasi Gila plus one bottle of mineral water. Cheap, eh?

Bang Medi started selling Nasi Gila around 1996 at Jalan Sunda, next to Sarinah Building. Unfortunately, on 1998, due to the historic riot in Jakarta, he has to change places to Jalan Maluku, Menteng. He sold Nasi Gila in that area until September 2006, before his father in law took over the place to sell Nasi Gila as well. I don’t know really well about the details, but it seems that he gave up that spot so that his father in law can start his own business. It took him some times to find a new places. Until, one of his regular customer got in touch with him and offer him a spot in front of their house, which located next to St. Theresia Church. Finally, around 2007, Bang Medi set up his truck at that place and it’s been 9 years of selling Nasi Gila around St. Theresia Church.

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Behind the scene
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Can you smell it? 😎

If you walk from Sarinah, and you see St. Theresia Church at your right and Cafe Pisa at your left, then you’ll just a few steps away from the place. It’ll be on the right side. He usually opens every day from around 5 or 6 PM until sold out (usually around 11 PM). Please do note that the truck doesn’t say Nasi Gila, it only say Nasi Goreng, but he makes a kick-ass Nasi Gila. Just ask him for it. πŸ˜‰

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Bang Medi is preparing the ingredients
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Busy night
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The location, don’t miss it. πŸ™‚

For locals who enjoy street-food and Nasi Gila in particular, this place is a must visit! For foreigners who happens to be in Jakarta and love to try our authentic street food and have no fear to eat on the street, put it in your list!

Enjoy! #NasiGilaUnite

Nasi Gila Theresia (Nasi Goreng Gila Theresia)

Opens: Everyday (unless he’s in bad mood XD ) from 5 or 6 PM until sold out (around 11 PM)

Location: Next to St. Theresia Church, Menteng.




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