Nasi Gandul Ibu Endang, a humble dish from Pati, East Java.

As an Indonesian, I’m a fanatic for a rice dish combined with soup or something similar. And here I am still remembering the taste of Nasi Gandul, one of Indonesia’s local dishes from Pati, East Java. It’s quite similar with a goulash or a braised beef kind of dish, poured onto white fluffy rice. Yum!

One of the best place to have Nasi Gandul in Jakarta would be Nasi Gandul Ibu Endang. I found it months ago through the food directory apps. I was searching for a cheap food and this one came up, and yet it has 4 stars out of 5. Tried it. Been coming back ever since. šŸ˜€

This place is located at Pesanggrahan street, Kembangan/Meruya area, near Layar Restaurant. Mind you, this is not a fancy place whatsoever, it was small and we usually use the terms “Warung”, a traditional humble kind of restaurant. But, don’t judge the book by its cover. The food is undoubtedly delicious! The favorite one is of course Nasi Gandul. It’s very tasty and the soup is quite a lot, it’s like a flooded rice. It’s also a bit sweet (if you eat Rawon before, the sweetness is quite similar), but you can add some chilies to balance the flavor if you want.

Photo Apr 06, 09 46 46

Photo Apr 06, 09 43 09
Nasi Gandul FTW!

They also have other favorite dish, such as Asem-Asem Ayam, Garang Asem, Asem-Asem Daging, etc. I actually haven’t tried all of them except Nasi Gandul, but I saw a lot of people order those and said that it was delicious as well. You might want to try as well. Aside from that, they also serve you assorted side dishes that were prepared already on the table. You can eat as many as you want, but remember to mention what kind of side dish and how many you eat when you pay, so they can calculate. Be honest! XD

Apparently Ibu Endang has opened the place for many years and she also had some branches in some famous mall few years back, but right now only two branches left due to the complicated regulation. As of now, the branches are located at Senayan City Mall (inside Urban Kitchen) and Citraland Mall (food court area). Since the primary location is in West Jakarta, it might be closer to visit the branches instead for those who live in other parts of Jakarta.

As for the price, it’s really affordable. I ordered two portions of Nasi Gandul, one egg, one perkedel (potato patty), one ice tea, and one mineral water… all are only IDR 63,000. Full and happy!

Photo Apr 06, 09 46 11
Ibu Endang, the maestro..

Try it! šŸ™‚

Nasi Gandul Ibu Endang

Jl. Pesanggrahan No. 13, Kembangan, Meruya, Kebon Jeruk

Open from 9AM – 10 PM





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