He and She…

She reached out her phone and scrolled down the contact list until she found one particular name.

She press the call button and wait for a few seconds before a voice answered her from the other end.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Hey you..”


“Are you busy?”


“Can I come by?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Thanks.. Be there in a second.” she ended the call.

As she came down to his floor, she knocked the door. He appeared from inside with a cup of coffee and invited her in.


“Want a coffee?”

“Yeah I guess”

“You guess or you want?”

“Okay I want one.”

“Good.. lemme make one for you..”

He went to the kitchen, opened the top shelf, took the coffee jar and scooped the coffee three times into the cup. While he’s making the coffee, she walked through the living room and headed straight to the couch. She plunged herself into the pile of pillows in front of her.

A few minutes after, he came to the living room with a hot coffee in his hand. He handed the cup and sit next to her.

“So.. whats up?”


“You sure?”

“Yeah..      I just want to talk with someone.”

“I’m all ears. : )”

“I know you are. : )”

They talked about a lot of things. About their family. About their jobs. About their pets. About his life.

After a while, her face started to change. They finally talked about her life.

“You know.. I have been feeling lonely for quite some time now..”

“Why so?”

“I wish I know.” she tilted back her head to the pillow.

“My doors always open for you… You don’t need to feel lonely no more.”

“You mean it?”

“As long as you make me your famous lasagna. 😛 “

“Hahaha.. That can be arranged.”



They continued to talk for hours. At some point, there’s this silent, but it wasn’t an awkward one for them. She moved her body to face him and she saw him almost fell asleep.

She punched his arm lightly.



“Thank you.”


And they both fell asleep.


*featured picture taken from A Fist Full of Bolts (Pinterest)


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