The underrated Sate Babi Jimbaran Lama, Jimbaran – Bali.

Bali never stops to amaze me with their delicious food. A lot of new places have emerged since the last time I visited Bali, and yet there are still a lot of already-established good places that we didn’t know about.

Like this one in particular, Sate Babi Jimbaran Lama! A local pork satay (sate babi) vendor that has been running for a long time already.

This one in Jimbaran Lama is my new favorite for pork satay. You can actually find these pork satay vendors everywhere, like the famous one in Kuta area or the one in Petitenget Beach. That day, I wasn’t intentionally looking for a pork satay, but just accidentally found it on the way to the car park after I spent some time in Jimbaran Beach. It’s just a couple (husband and wife), with a small grill and lights from their mobile phone as the light source. Right in front of the car park of Jimbaran Lama (the old seafood place in Jimbaran, the one where Lia Cafe is located), next to the gazebo for the drivers to hang out, they only take this small space and start grilling from around 3 or 4 PM in the afternoon.

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So what’s so special about this?

I personally love the taste. The spices that they use were spot on and so rich.  Also, they used a small cut of pork belly on the satay! Soooo yumm! #PorkBellyFTW

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It’s a kind of place that you just normally ignore, but when I walked pass by it, the smell was something I couldn’t ignore, I decided to walk back. Haha. XD

So, if you’re planning to go to Jimbaran Lama, you might want to try this one for a light snack after sunset, maybe? 😎


Sate Babi Jimbaran Lama

Location: Near car park in Seafood Jimbaran Lama area, Jl. Pamelisan Agung / Jl. Pantai Jimbaran

Open from 3 or 4 PM until 9 PM 



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