You didn’t see what I saw..

It’s funny when people are defending or standing up for someone who they never met before or even see directly eye to eye. Even funnier when they do it based on someone famous’ article or writing and then say that if we don’t know that person and only read what the media says then don’t judge them.

Errr…you do realize that you’re doing exactly what you don’t want us to do, yes? XD

I guess people who know or at least aware of what’s going on out there won’t be that easy to be shaped by the media. And it’s actually up to that person how they see someone. Literally none of your business.

And by the way, you’re actually judging us by saying that we’re that easy and stupid. Come on.. hahaha..

All I’m saying is…just chill. You didn’t see what I see. And frankly, I believe my own eyes more than someone’s article or the media. 🙂




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