All You Can Eat Japanese BBQ at Kintan Buffet, Jakarta

I was stuck in traffic a few days ago near Gandaria City Mall in Jakarta, and I was really hungry, thinking I might go for an All You Can Eat (AYCE) restaurant so I could be crazy and not thinking about the increasing bill every time I ordered.

I asked my friends and one of them suggested me to try this newly opened All You Can Eat restaurant inside the mall, called Kintan Buffet. Turned out, it’s a Japanese BBQ restaurant. Awesome.

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Kintan Buffet!

Mind you, I’m the type of people that has no shame on eating at a AYCE restaurant by myself.

It was around 6ish PM when I arrived so not so many tables were occupied, but I saw a lot of reserved tag on the table, probably for dinner time around 7 PM. So, you might want to go there early if you haven’t booked the table to avoid peak hours.

They handed me the menu and there were four available AYCE package that I could choose from: Regular Buffet (IDR 188.000 ++), Kintan Buffet (IDR 268.000 ++), Premium Kintan Buffet (IDR 368.000 ++), and Special Wagyu Buffet (IDR 488.000 ++). Basically the package consist of three kind of meat: chicken, lamb, and beef. It started from the cheapest one, Regular Buffet, with not too many selections to the most expensive one with a whole lot meat to choose from. Each package will give you options on chicken and lamb, but the cuts selection of the beef will increase every time you choose the package with higher price. Since the cheapest package didn’t give out many options, I decided to choose the 2nd package, which is Kintan Buffet. The reason simply because I could order Gyu Tan with it. Yeah!

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Menu 1

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Menu 2
I ordered quite a lot. I was really hungry that day. Haha.. Basically I tried almost everything. Since for one kind of cut they offer a different seasoning, you better as much as you can so you know the difference. I ordered Jingiskan (lamb), Yakishabu Tare, Yakishabu Double Pepper, Dice Tender Tare, Rosu Tare, Gyu Tan Negi Shio, and Gyu Tan Double Pepper. And also I got to choose the rice, which they offered me two kind of rice. The usual Steamed Rice and Kintan Rice. Kintan  Rice had a bit of sauce on top and they added a few slices of seaweed, which tasted pretty nice. Aside from the AYCE menu, they also have this additional menu consist of ala carte items that you can order outside of the AYCE.

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Additional menu

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Kintan Rice
While I wait for the meat to come, I walk around the condiments counter to see what they serve. This condiments counter has items that included in AYCE package, so you can take as much as you want, but remember to finish them all, yes? The items were quite a lot and some of them were the same with other AYCE Japanese restaurants, but the highlight of the condiments counter would be Chawanmusi and Rootbeer! YES THEY HAVE ROOTBEER! Hehe.. Their Chawanmusi was soooo tasty! I eat like 4 or 5 cups of them and keep wanting to eat more.

On the condiments area, you will see the sauce that you can combine with additional toping. They have three sauces: Original Kintan Sauce, Kinta Spicy Sauce, and Kintan Garlic Sauce. I tried the original and garlic, which I prefer the original more. A bit more suitable to my taste.

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Soup counter

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Soup and some snacks counter

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Salad and seafood counter

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Sauce counter, loving the “spoon”!

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Chawanmusi! So good!

1560620 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Sauce 2..
And so… the meats came to the table!! Oh, before I started to grill the meat, the waiter remind me to use only the stainless steel tongs that were available in every table and not to use my chopstick. The reason was because the grill plate was quite hot and it could melt the chopstick if we use it too long over the grill. And yeah, she didn’t lie. No, I did use the tongs, but I was referring to the heat. I could feel the heat from where I sat and I really couldn’t put my hand over the grill too long. So hot! But hey, it’s a BBQ so it’s supposed to be hot, which allow the meat to be cooked faster. 🙂

The hero for me would be Gyu Tan (of course!), Yakishabu Tare, and Dice Tender Tare. My Gyu Tan was so tender and tasty. The seasoning was just right. The Yakishabu Tare was full of fat which made it really-really nice! And Dice Tender.. oh.. the name spoke for itself. Super tender (tho, you need to cook it right). As for the rest, they all were good as well, but still inferior to those three I mentioned earlier.

1629214 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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Gyu Tan my laff!

1679996 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Yakishoba Double Pepper

1646230 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Rosu Tare

1690929 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Rosu and Dice Tender

1634531 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Dipping my cooked Gyu Tan to the sauce..

1843614 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Sea of Gyu Tan in the making..
Overall, it was a really satisfying experience eating at Kintan Buffet. Totally love the service from the waiter, especially Ms. Eka. Such a nice lady! The meats were awesome! I ate so many Gyu Tan I lost count how many plate I ordered. XD

As the price, I think it’s worth it for the kind of meats you will get. It’s not the most expensive one if you compare it with other AYCE Japanese restaurant, be it shabu-shabu or yakiniku (BBQ). Especially if you like grilled meat like me, this would be the perfect place.

For now, they have three outlet opens in Jakarta. One in Gandaria City Mall, one in Puri Indah Mall, and the last one is in Emporium Pluit Mall.

Go ahead and try!


Kintan Buffet

Gandaria City Mall, UG Floor

Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda

Phone: +62 21 22774785

Open: Mon – Sun, 10 AM – 10 PM


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